Camp Wildwood

The Individual. The challenge at Camp Wildwood is to find yourself as both an individual and a member of a team. Our eleven tennis courts, fifty foot climbing wall, BMX track, four hole golf course and archery range are just a few of the places around camp where boys learn new abilities. Camp Wildwood in Wildwood is about 75 miles northeast of Tampa and 25 miles south of Ocala. Wildwood offers 589 acres of original Florida – piney woods and palmettos in sandy soil, huge live oaks with Spanish moss and marshlands. The campgrounds include an array of activities and amenties, from swimming in a Junior Olympic sized pool to the ... Camp Wildwood, adjacent to the Dunbar Gathering Center in Logansport, Indiana, is a 40-acre wooded property. It offers primitive overnight camping as well as year-round overnight lodging for troops. Three interpretive trails within the wetlands at Camp Wildwood offer girls the opportunity to hike to the bird blind. Camp Wildwood is the best summer camp for boys in Maine. Wildwood boys are rooted in tradition, family, character and trust as their story unfolds. Wildwood boys are guaranteed memories, fun, and friends that will last a lifetime. That is what Wildwood has to offer and that is what Wildwood is all a Camp Wildwood is made possible through the support of the Garden Club of South Carolina, Hampton Wildlife Fund and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. We are grateful for the tremendous amount of support we receive every year. Camp Wildwood is a family owned and operated lakefront rental cottage and campground business on Black Lake in the North Country of New York. Situated on 4 acres with over 600 feet of shoreline, Camp Wildwood sits on Mitchell Bay on the quiet south shore of the lake.

St. Louis News: Everything Local, Always Vocal

2012.06.01 08:00 MrHacks St. Louis News: Everything Local, Always Vocal

The News that doesn't quite fit into /stlouis, which is basically any news story.

2020.09.18 12:29 Huw2k8 Warsim (Natural disasters and savage recognition, 54 features)

Hey everyone,
So this is quite a general update, we've got 2 new throne room encounters, recognition for defeating the Wildwood savages, better natural disasters and barren land recovery, improvements to village champions, improvements to the champion hire system and a bunch more stuff!
When wiping out the up to 4 savage locations in Wildwood, once destroyed there is no change in the responses from the other local savage hating factions, now they recognise you differently if you've wiped the savages out! Cheers Defender
Bgax of Goblinwood recognising the savages deaths -
The systems involving barren land have been a bit of an afterthought until now. There are also random disaster events that have a 1 in 75 chance of happening each turn, previously these were just small bits of text in your end of turn report but now they are full on events with their own screens and sound effects.
Tornado -
Meteor Strike -
Volcanic Eruption -
Magical Cloud -
An act of a higher being -
I added this system somewhat whimfully, I was hiring a champion from this screen but felt it would be much easier if there was a visual stimulus showing the range of champions and their values. Initially I went with a smaller range of colours but expanded it and am happy with the results!
This is what it was it used to look like -
This is the new one -
A pair of decent ones but not a promising line up -
Oof nothing good but definitely some bad choices -
There he is, Neal the Legend, 200 battlescore -
It's a small change but a nice one for continuity thanks to a commentor called Clown on Steam. Now when you compete in a village champion battle, defeating the champion will drop the village population by one. If village populations drop to below 10 people then no new champions will spawn, this is to avoid a village being beaten into exctinction by annual duels.
A village champion defeated -
There are now 465 total orc names in game, a nice little expansion to ensure they never feel samey!
A pair of new encounters added, the more the merrier!
What the hell are you staring at!? -
BUGFIXES (18 features)
Quite a few bugs fixed here, thanks for the reports guys!
EVERYTHING ELSE (7 features)
Lots of different stuff here, highly civil races will never have stupid leaders again, now when a new militia leader rises up you'll be able to see how the cost of a peasant has changed and xenophobic kingdoms have a new response screen.
Now instead of a small string of text this is what pops up if a certain action of diplomacy is blocked by the opposing kingdoms xenophobia -
Another small but helpful change, now you are informed what the new price is when the militia price is changed by new leadership (or in this case stayed the same). -
So I'm getting pretty finished with leftover smaller things to code, I'm hoping to get started with overhauling the end of turn report from being a wall of really hard to digest text and find a nicer alternative, because it really can be a valuable overview for whats gone on but it's not shown well.
Hope you're all doing good!
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2020.09.11 18:15 Succexy420 My wife and I went camping in Wildwood park in Ontario, Canada. This was in the scouts "play area". Can confirm, it was large enough for both of us in there.

My wife and I went camping in Wildwood park in Ontario, Canada. This was in the scouts submitted by Succexy420 to CozyPlaces [link] [comments]

2020.08.22 22:14 Flaccid_Collar Went camping at Wildwoods Conservation Area just outside St Mary's Ontario. After a long 28k hike and getting lost in the woods; home sweet hammock was a welcome sight!

Went camping at Wildwoods Conservation Area just outside St Mary's Ontario. After a long 28k hike and getting lost in the woods; home sweet hammock was a welcome sight! submitted by Flaccid_Collar to CampingandHiking [link] [comments]

2020.08.11 18:23 Huw2k8 Warsim (Tutorial Overhaul and more, 147 features)

Hey everyone, so this update is a mix of two things. Primarily the reworking of the games tutorial to make it a bit more informative and better laid out instead of just walls of text. The second part is a review of the Wildwood and Farrad Desert regions of the worlds exploration in a full total sweep for any bugs or areas that could be improved in an effort to improve the total quality of the regions.
The previous tutorial was just lots of large walls of text on various topics, I've tried to make this one a bit easier to follow as it goes through the different menu options in the main game screen so new players can have a better idea of what to expect and what to do, this may need further tweaking but I think at the very least it's a step in the right direction.
WILDWOOD IN REVIEW (12 features)
Continuing on with my attempts to check each area of the game world is up to scratch I've visited Wildwood. Turns out there was a lot of stuff that needed improvement but now Wildwood has a new coat of polish over it!
Deservant of a section of it's own, trawling through Goblinwood as part of my Wildwood review I found plenty of things in need of fix or improvement here. I also found that purchasing some things in Goblinwood had a small feature where a percentage of your purchase gets added to the Goblinwood treasury as tax. I'd totally forgotten this feature was even a thing but thought it was cool so I've expanded it to cover more areas of Goblinwood, and have now given visible indication that this is happening when you buy thing there.
The Goblinwood School of drums was overdue being completed, it now has double the lessons so you can learn more great drumming techniques!
Visited the Farrad desert region to see if any locations here were outdated or needing polish and scoured all screens. Now the place is all clear and up to date!
So again with every region there are some locations that are jam packed with tons of content, places like Darkdale, The Blackmarket, and so on. The artifact market is the Farrad Desert's answer to these big settlements and there's a ton inside that needed improvement.
EVERYTHING ELSE (4 features)
This section actually has a number of cool features that didn't fit anywhere else. There's a feature I added a long while ago where defeating kingdoms can form refugee camps though it didn't occur to me until recently how rare or even non-existant seeming this was. I've looked into it further and discovered that kingdoms only have a chance of forming a refugee group if they are destroyed by someone other than the player, now that's been remedied. Among other things here all goblin throne room visitors will now show you how much gold you'll get for enslaving them if goblin slavery is legal.
Now that the tutorial stuff is out of the way I'm going to continue sweeping through my bug reports and suggestions list to shrink it down a bit more and will be having a little bit of a break as I have a few things I need to sort out. I imagine another update will come soon enough though!
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2020.08.01 03:00 portlane Arley Boyce (July 29, 1923 - July 27, 2020)

Arley Grant Boyce
July 29, 1923 - July 27, 2020
Arley Grant Boyce passed from a non Covid-19 related cause, "the old ticker very peacefully just gave out." Very happy, loved and coherent – right to the conclusion.
Born in Cross Lake, Minn., to Windsor Lansing Boyce (Babe) and Melitta Seekel. Arley married Mary Maxine Gildow from Pine River, Minn., who preceded him in death.
Arley first came west at age 15 by himself working in the CCC's, building trails out of the Ranger Station at Oak Ridge, Oregon. He was a graduate of Willamette University in business, Pacific University teaching degree, and a Master of Education Administration U of O.
Arley loved education. He was at Beaverton High School teaching business and retail selling, Athletics Director and Vice Principal for 28 years. When he retired the Beaverton Police Dept gave him a badge for being so helpful with kids. He was especially proud of convincing BHS to have business courses, connecting kids with local businesses. He loved to come home and tell fun stories about work or make plans with Mary for another Boyce "Big Adventure" traveling and camping about Oregon or going back to Minnesota with six kids in a Mercury station and a flatbed trailer full of camping gear in tow - singing, "We ain't got a barrel of money, maybe we're ragged and funny – but we'll travel the road sharing our load, side-by-side!" The six kids at one point were all teenagers at the same time.
Arley loved hunting and fishing especially out of Halfway, Ore., in Hell's Canyon where the girls spent time raising their families when young and Sandy (Kennedy, Brumnette) still lives. Arley and Fritz started "Wildwood Products of Oregon" – making bird houses which became very popular. Arley helped Sandy by supporting her business of "Wildflowers of Oregon" – which gained N.W. fame receiving the Governor's award for best small business in Oregon, appearing in displays on 5th Avenue in New York City and being distributed as far as Japan. Robert also has his own business, Control Systems West (Instrumentation).
Arley, the great disciplinarian, believed in hard work at any age. When the children were small, he would post the chores schedule for the week. The reward was a silver dollar which he got at Harold Freece's Shell Station on Canyon Road where he worked on Saturdays to make ends meet. All seemed so organized, solving arguments among the six kids - until Fritz resorted to bribing his younger sisters to do his chores with candy and treats – then all chaos reigned again! The offspring and all who knew Arley will recall with fondness his jovial attitude, interest in others and his remembrance of the past fun stories of friends, relatives, coworkers and cohorts that he and Mary shared the road with along the way.
Arley has six children, Sandy, Robert, Allen, Fritz, Marilyn (deceased), Beverly and their spouses; 14 grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren; and two great-great-grandchildren.
Arley served in the South Pacific on the Atu – an aircraft carrier that he helped build as a welder in Vancouver, Wash. Arley will be laid to rest with Mary, the love of his life, with a graveside Covid-19 service [only 10 allowed] in Willamette National Cemetery with Navy Honors.
Please sign the online guest book at
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2020.07.24 15:21 Nero_Life First time CAMPING 😱 Wildwood State Park ( INSTA360 ONE R )

First time CAMPING 😱 Wildwood State Park ( INSTA360 ONE R ) submitted by Nero_Life to Insta360 [link] [comments]

2020.06.29 19:48 Headlesssmurf Any recommendation around Ocean City/Avalon for 4th?

Currently staying at Pine Haven campgrounds this weekend and was trying to find something nice to do that would be away from crowds. Trying yo keep away from as much people as possible 🤣. I wanted to try to view some fireworks but with Wildwood being the only place I would rather pass on that shit show.
If anyone has any suggestion that my be suitable I would appreciate it. But camping around probably will be my best option for Saturday.
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2020.06.15 02:35 ennie117 Considering trading in a one year old TT

I have a 2019 Keystone Bullet 243BHS. It is my third camper... had a PU in my early 20s until I broke up with a boyfriend. Had an A-frame with my husband until kid #2 came along then traded it in for the Bullet. And now we have kid#3 (last one, I swear!)
I love the Bullet and I don't. It has awesome quality and is gorgeous inside. The outside kitchen is the perfect size. It is paid off. But.. it has to be towed with my husband's truck, you can't maneuver with the slide in, no other place to sit but the dinette, I feel super claustorphobic in the bedroom so I sleep on the dinette, and the storage under the bunks isn't easy to use.
I think I want to trade it in for a Salem/Wildwood 178BHSK. I could tow it with my Subaru Ascent for mommy/daughter trips to the state park 10 miles away and it solves all the floorplan issues. But I don't like the interior finishes and quality is not great. It is smaller and has less storage but we are also minimalists so not sure how much that matters.
Any advice or any other campers to consider? We camp about every weekend May-October with sometimes a four night trip sprinkled in.
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2020.06.06 11:23 Huw2k8 Warsim (Warsim Polished, 126 Features)

Hey everyone,
This update is pretty much entirely the result of bugfixing and playtesting, I found a lot of these things needing improvement in a single playthrough.
STAFF TWEAKS (6 features)
Noticed staff training was just a single text notification at the bottom of the screen, now it's got it's own screen and is a little tidier.
It occured to me while playtesting how bland the bank withdraw and deposit screens are, so now I've made a much more dynamic system of screens.
DARKDALE TWEAKS (2 features)
A couple of things needing improvement in Darkdale!
Found several bugs and things needing improving when attacking Camp Assurak!
Playtested and found that screens for destroying these places was pretty lackluster, now they've been fixed up!
LOSING IN A VILLAGE (4 features)
After last updates improvements on champion challenges I thought I'd further improve the event of losing against a village, it has previously been a single screen but now there's a bit more too it. Also to add insult to injury losing to a village champion will always dock you -1 public opinion!
Came across occupied monfort mine in a playthrough and realised capturing and freeing it was just a line of text and didn't even have a screen, now there's 4 new screens and a reward too!
Viewing the doomstone was just a small bit of text telling you if any kingdom are doomed, now it's much better and more dynamic!
Another playtest sweep, found quite a few things needing improvement here.
A playtest took me to Arasuk where I found quite a few lacking areas, tried to improve and fix all I could!
Noticed a few issues here, now the nomad camp is improved and actually offers a reward for destroying it too.
MORE LOOT... AGAIN (25 features)
As with the last update, with new areas offering more random loot I thought I'd add more loot to ensure it doesn't get too repetetive. This update we've got new areas like the freed mine, the nomad camp, Arasuk, and the savage village offering loot!
Noticed a sound bug with an exploration event, ended up fixing some other issues and adding new sound effects where there weren't any!
BUGFIXES (16 features)
At this point I've mentioned I'm going to be starting on merc stuff twice now in these what's next sections, but genuinely, planning on look into it from monday!
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2020.05.25 20:51 G-N-R History of Clifton Hill Part 4: The Golden Age

Thank you to everyone who has followed this series of posts, given your feedback and voted in the poll to create this series. This was originally intended to be the final part in the series, however as I'm writing this its becoming clear that a fifth part is necessary to get this down to a manageable reading length. To see parts 1-3, please scroll back in this sub or click my profile if you're reading this in the future and the posts are buried.
With the massive successes of Bob Dunham's House of Frankenstein and Castle Dracula attractions, fueled by Derek Costello's artistry, a slew of new attractions would be built on Clifton Hill starting in the mid 70s. The Guinness World of Records Museum opened in 1975 in the space formerly occupied by the Life Museum. It is evidenced around this time that Costello may have had designed figures in the Guinness Museum as well as Ripley's and The Houdini Hall of Fame. Costello was now working with Welland Securities as the artist for Movieland, the same company who leased the land Ripley's is on out to the Ripley company. Additionally, figures in Guinness (think the Robert Wadlow or world's heaviest man in the lobby) bear striking resemblance to figures in both Ripley's and the Houdini Hall of Fame at the time. This is by no means concrete evidence that Costello had any hand in these attractions, and even if they were all built by the same artist/company, that doesn't necessarily mean it was Costello. That being said, when he wasn't the lead designeartist on an attraction, he was often a freelance figure/set designer who had scattered work throughout various attractions in differing quantities. The perfect example of this is Movieland or Tussaud's, who he had also since begun doing work for here and there. Around this time he did a Star Wars scene for the Boris Karloff Wax Museum, further evidence that he may have been the museum's artist from day one.
He would get the opportunity to be lead artist/designer on another attraction in 1977: The Criminals Hall of Fame. The Criminals Hall of Fame was at the intersection of Clifton Hill and Vic. Ave (beside the Montana's), in a space now occupied by a souvenir store. It was opened by Harry Riley and featured 40 figures. Many of these were made from the same molds as figures in the House of Frankenstein/Castle Dracula chain, namely Bonnie and Clyde, Charles Manson, Jessie James and the Wax Workshop scene. The same year, The Wonderful World of Fantasy would close like it was meant to, as if you recall from part 3, it was meant to be temporary. The large castle turrets were sold to a family restaurant that had opened in the old test space for Castle Dracula since the attraction had moved to it's permanent home. They were placed on the top of the building (where Tussaud's is now) until they were removed in the mid 80s because of wear. In the Wonderful World of Fantasy building, that was an extension of a gift shop in the Honeymoon City (that had been re-enforced with plywood to accommodate the temporary attraction), a Biblical "Wax" Museum opened. To say this attraction was horrible would be an understatement. There was no wax in the whole attraction, it was simply mannequins with beards and wigs stapled to them. The building leaked and water dripped from the ceiling since day one. It stuck out like a sore thumb, and was the polar opposite of everything real artists like Costello and good attraction operators were doing at the time. Thankfully it was short lived, and the attraction closed just 5 years later in 1982. The building was demolished and it became a beer garden.
In the mid 70s, the Oneida plate factory had closed down. In it's place, a group of investors from the Sheraton Foxhead and Brock Crowne Plaza hotels (that would eventually turn into Falls Ave. Corp) purchased the factory and the large observation tower on top of it. The Antique Auto Museum at the front of the factory on Falls Ave. moved to Clifton Hill in the building also housing the snack bar beside the driveway into the Cliffside Motel. The building was expanded to accommodate the attraction, and it ran under the mini golf course that the snack baCliffside Motel owners operated, with the course now being on the roof rather than on a slope beside the snack bar. This land was leased from Welland Securities.
The investors turned the old Oneida factory into Maple Leaf Village, a four story mall in 1979. Behind it in the former parking lot for the factory, they built an amusement park. This wasn't Niagara's first amusement park. A small collection of carnival rides had been set up across from the Seagram Tower from the late 60s to early 70s, and the Skylon's convention center had been turned into a massive indoor amusement park, arcade and shopping area in the early 70s (that featured a dark ride with props from legendary Italian dark ride artist Armando Tamagnini). But Maple Leaf Village's proximity to the Hill set it apart, being accessible from Oneida Ln. between the Pilgrim Motel and the House of Frankenstein. The mall itself was not your standard shopping mall. Rather than brand name stores the mall offered tourist shops, specialty take out options, photo kiosks, and a variety of attractions. There was a dinner theater in the mall remembered by it's wildly frantic and terrifying animatronic piano player, an arcade, an elvis museum with certain figures by Costello, a 50s diner themed nightclub, and even a knockoff Country Bear Jamboree show that to this day is only evidenced to even have existed due to a 1 second clip of it in old commercial. 2 haunted houses would open in the mall. One would be Nightmares in 1984 opened by the owner of the Pruddhomme's Landing Waterpark in Jordan near the large shipwreck, and the other would be Screamers in 1985, the first haunted house project by now famous haunted attraction prop designer Distortions Unlimited. The amusement park would feature a variety of rides including a scrambler, carousel, swing ride, tilt-a-whirl and the largest ferris wheel in the western hemisphere. It also featured a walk-through fun house called "Riverboat", that may have been designed by "This Is, Inc." the company carried on by the former employees of the American father of spook houses, Bill Tracy. Tracy and "This Is" had multiple attractions called "Riverboat" over the years, a theme he enjoyed using, and an article references his "attractions" (plural) in Canada. The only recorded Tracy attraction in Canada was at Montreal's LaRonde, and if they did in fact have multiple attractions here it's possible Riverboat was one of them.
The Antique Auto Museum moved back into the building it was originally in, now an attraction in the Maple Leaf Village mall. In it's short lived home on Clifton Hill, Circus World opened. Circus World was the first large arcade on the hill. Funland Arcade was where Burger King now is in the House of Frankenstein, and the raised area in the back of the restaurant/gift shop of Castle Dracula was full of games. That being said, Circus World was massive. Half the building was the sprawling arcade, and the other half was a gift shop and fun house. The front of the attraction had an animatronic mouse dressed as a ringmaster waving his wand and beckoning you into the fun house. This was designed by Costello, evidenced by photos of it on his now defunct website "Costello Creations" in his project portfolio. This came right at the boom of arcades. 2 more opened up a year later in 1980, one in Ripley's and one in the restaurant/gift shop of the Foxhead hotel. This is the area in Adventure City with the low ceiling, when you first go up the stairs off the street. Of course it's been heavily remodeled, and the stairs in was roughly where the gift shop was, the area around the corner to the right with the skee ball machines after you enter was originally the restaurant, and the arcade ended where the ceiling gets higher as that area was still banquet rooms for the hotel until Adventure City opened in 2004.
In 1984, the Burlands would open the Haunted House and the Fun House, both in areas of gift shops that were decreased in size to accommodate the attractions (an Arby's was also added to one of the gift shops at this time.) The artist behind these attractions still remain a mystery, but some fans of Wildwood, NJ attraction artist icon Freddy Mahana theorize he may have been involved. There is evidence to support this theory such as identical logos to his other "Haunted House" attraction in Wildwood, many of the figures looking identical, and his air brush art style being found throughout both attractions, but Mahana isn't known to have designed anything outside of New Jersey. It still remains a mystery, as many signs point to Mahana yet it would be strange that his only attraction outside his home state would be dozens of hours away in another country. The same year, the Burlands opened the "Get Lost! Mystery Maze!" in an area behind the Clifton Motor Inn.
In the mid 80s when Dunham sold all of his attractions, each one to different people. Castle Dracula was sold to an unknown family who still operates it today. They put an incredible about of effort into the attraction and added the large cave face to the facade (designed by Michael Avignoni), dressed one of the zombies up as Michael Jackson to create a "Thriller" scene, and turned the Jack the Ripper scene into Friday the 13th by putting a Jason Voorhees mask on Jack the Ripper and replacing his knife with a machete. The House of Frankenstein was briefly owned by the owners of the Hilltop from 1984-1989, after which it was bought by the Burlands. They gave the attraction the care it deserved, restoring the facade and replacing a wall of the gift shop with a large garage door for easier and more casual street access off the hill. Burger King was also opened in the former Funland Arcade, and the arcade would be moved into the gift shop in the basement (current location of the Crystal Caves), expanded, and operated by Cataract Amusements, who operated the games, rides and attractions in the base of the Skylon Tower. In 1999, it was sold to an in-law of the family named Ian Paul who still runs it under IPCO.
In 1989, the final piece of the puzzle for Clifton Hill would click into place. Welland Securities changed their name to HOCO (Harry Oakes Company) and took ownership of nearly all the attractions they leased out land to. They would develop the last of the empty land on Clifton Hill as I'll cover next time. Nothing had been torn down on Clifton Hill since the tourist camps were torn down in the early 50s (other than the temporary Wonderful World of Fantasy building) and it would stay that way for nearly 60 years. Things would simply move or be remodeled to keep them fresh. Everything that opened on Clifton Hill from Tussaud's in 1949 to this final 1989 development we'll cover next time, became iconic attractions forever cemented in the tourist landscape, that by the late 2000s, had been there for 20-60 years and seemed to not be going anywhere. However, that wasn't the case. Stay tuned for the actual final part tomorrow, where I will get around to discussing the fallen-through plans for HOCOs amusement park/hotel/waterpark and the unfortunate crossroads the future of Clifton Hill currently sits at. My apologies as I truly intended this to be the last installment in this series, and the next one definitely will be. Additionally, I have found the article mentioned last time, the one with Costello about the Wonderful World of Fantasy. He briefly talks about his 8-track animatronic control system and compares the clicks on the tape to a player piano, a good and easy to understand analogy. It can be seen here, courtesy of my friend Cathy at the Niagara Archives.
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2020.05.23 21:46 G-N-R History of Clifton Hill Part 2: Boom Years

Thank you to everyone who read and commented on part 1, your feedback is much appreciated. If you haven't read part 1 or want to see the original poll that brought me here, scroll back in this sub or (if you're reading this in the future and it's long since buried) click on my profile and find them there in my posts.
By the 50s, it had become clear that using Clifton Hill as a series of budget, away from the falls tourist camps wasn't nearly as lucrative as the land could potentially be. Welland Securities opened the Quality Inn Fallsway where Dinosaur Adventure Golf now sits and the Park Motor Inn (later Venture then Comfort Inn) where Niagara Speedway now is. Clifton Touring Camp was torn down to make way for these, save for the snack bar where Wizard's Golf now is that was an original Zimmerman estate gate house. The guest house building and gardens of the estate that remained at this point were torn down, but the stable building was gutted, re-enforced and turned into the Welland Securities offices in the Park Motor Inn. This remained Welland Securities (now HOCO)'s offices until Comfort Inn was torn down in 2015 (and the nearly 150 year old stable building with it). Quality Inn featured a restaurant and nightclub in it's lobby building: the T-bird room. The T-bird hosted a variety of early rock and roll acts over the years until it's eventual transition into a Golden Griddle and Q-Balls Billiards Pub in the 70s. The hotel also featured 4 swimming pools: a large outdoor pool, an outdoor kiddie pool, an indoor pool and an indoor hot tub. The Park Motor Inn only featured a single outdoor pool and hot tub (area became an enclosed atrium in the 70s.) However, it featured a gift shop (where Kelsey's has been since the 80s), the Queen' Door Nightclub (became Rumors Nightclub in the 80s, now divided up into multiple things like the relocated Kelsey's bathrooms and Zombie Attack) and Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. Ripley's leased the land from Welland Securities. It was the second attraction in the Ripley company's popular chain of "Odditoriums", predated only by the original St. Augustine FL location. The Niagara Falls History Museum had opened a few blocks away in the early 1900s in the building currently occupied by the Bird Kingdom, but it was closer to a museum than a tourist attraction. Ripley's was the first real attraction to open up in Niagara.
Ripley's was a massive success, becoming Niagara's must visit location second only to the falls itself. It (along with Marilyn Monroe's breakthrough film "Niagara" in 1953) opened the floodgates, and by 1960, all the cabin courts had been demolished. In 1955, Charles Burland tore down his Niagara Falls Tourist Camp and bought all the land from the aforementioned field where Captain Jack's now is to Tussaud's. He tore down all the cabin courts on this land, building the Honeymoon City Motel (known as Travelodge since the early 2000s) in the place of Reinhard's Riverhurst Inn and his Niagara Falls Tourist Camp, a parking lot (now Castle Dracula) in the place of the Darling Cabins, and the Clifton Motor Inn (known as Thriftlodge since early 2000s) where Clifton Camp was. The Honeymoon City Motel had a restaurant where the Guinness museum now is, as well as the gift shop that's still there beside Guinness. Clifton Motor Inn had the Clifton Hill Family Restaurant in the old Camp Clifton restaurant building (still there), a "Bonanza" company shooting gallery (now replaced with a newer gallery) and the iconic Dairy Queen, which was then a Frostee Freeze. Burland responded to Ripley's in 1958 by opening the Life Museum in the former restaurant in the Honeymoon City and moving the restaurant a floor up (now Ruby Tuesday's.) The Life Museum was a bizarre attraction celebrating the life cycle from conception to death for both the male and female body, incredibly taboo for the time. Ripley's and the Life Museum would begin Clifton Hill's staple of bizarre attractions themed to the curious and macabre. In 1959 Louis Tussaud's Wax Museum had opened attached to the Foxhead Hotel where the building with the Pink Panther ride/former MGM attraction is now.
In 1960, 2 hotels opened between the Frostee Freeze and the old Victoria Ave. railway station at the top of the hill. These were the Clifton Motor Hotel (renamed the Pilgrim just 3 years later, now the building now occupied by Captian Jacks) and the Hilltop (the land now occupied by the Upside Down House.) With these hotels came Oneida Ln. running off Clifton Hill towards what's now Casino Niagara's Parking lot. Of course, in 1960, this was the parking lot for the Oneida Plate Factory that was the Casino Niagara building's original life. At the front of the factory between the 2 Falls Ave. hotels was the Antique Auto Museum, opened the same year, and a few years later in 1964 they would add a large observation tower sticking out the top as part of the factory tour, now the abandoned steel-plated tower that simply says "Casino". The Clifton Motor Hotel had a restaurant and gift shop on the main floor adjacent to the lobby as well as a pool on the third floor at the back of the building in a room with a glass ceiling. The Hilltop Motel's office was where Beavertails now is, and the motel contained a snack bar (now burger king), and 2 gift shops. One was in the current location of the Crystal Caves attraction. A fun history tidbit: this basement gift shop was leased out, and apparently a brother of the motel owner conspired with the gift shop operator in the mid 60s to run a bookie racket, but a Toronto investigator seemingly found out the jig fairly fast. This brother would mysteriously disappear years down the road in the 80s, which may or not have been related to his criminal activity nearly 20 years before. The other gift shop was what's now the first floolobby of the House of Frankenstein. The building was only one story at this point, seen here. The second story wouldn't be added until 1969, in a business move by local businessman Robert Dunham that would forever change the face of Niagara Falls, the world of animatronics, and the amusement industry as a whole. We'll cover that later in part 3.
Meanwhile, riding high on the success of Ripley's, Welland Securities leased more land to private companies for more attractions to be built starting in 1965. The first was a motel built between Quality Inn and the hill, the Cliffside. The Cliffside resided roughly where the employee parking space is now between Dinosaur Adventure Golf and the large cliff down to Victoria Park. It's driveway in off the hill was where the Great Canadian Midway now resides, as can be seen here. At the end of the motel farthest from the hill, it was adjacent to one of the wings of the Quality Inn. This often created confusion as to things like which lobby was who's, if guests from one were allowed to use the other's pool, etc. This confusion would end much later in 1989 when Welland Securities stopped leasing the land out and amalgamated the Cliffside into being part of the Quality Inn. Just down the hill from the driveway into the Cliffside was a small snack bar on land leased from Welland Securities by the same people as the Cliffside, with a miniature golf course on the roof.
Further up the hill, the last remaining gate house from the Zimmerman estate that was being used as a snack bar was torn down in 1965 to make way for a new attraction. Malcolm Howe leased the land from Welland Securities and would take 2 years to build a pivotal attraction: Movieland Wax Museum. Opened in 1966 in the building now occupied by Wizard's Golf and the Upper Canada Trading Co., the museum was on the main floor with a gift shop called Niagara Marketplace in the basement. All of the figures were sculpted by legendary halloween mask creator, artist Don Post at his Don Post Studios in Florida. Chances are, if you know anything about trick or treating from 1950 to the early 90s, you're familiar with a celluloid plastic mask created by Don Post. However, Post's artistic abilities went far beyond disposable plastic monsters. His team at the Florida factory, headed by sculptor Pat Newman, created 60 wax figures for the museum. The lobby was Egyptian themed, with two torches on either side of the door in to the white building and simulated Egyptian sandstone walls in the lobby. Beside the ticket booth in the lobby, just beside the entrance was Elizabeth Taylor dressed as Cleopatra from the 1963 film of the same name, with a cameraman and director filming her. The museum itself contained many stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Bing Crosby, Lucille Ball and Laurel and Hardy. The most impressive figure however was a 12 and half foot tall King Kong figure, the largest wax figure ever made at the time. The news article about his creation can be read here, however it incorrectly calls Movieland the "Hollywood Wax Museum". Noticeably absent from Movieland on opening day was a horror section. The notion of putting horror movie sections in wax museum hadn't caught on yet, with Tussaud's "Chamber of Horrors" being dedicated to torture methods and historical tyrants rather than film. This would later change and Movieland would receive a horror movie section as we'll cover in part 3.
To coincide with Movieland's opening, Howe also leased the land from Welland Securities just up the hill from the driveway into the Cliffside. On this land he constructed the 184 ft. tall Space Spiral Tower, built by Universal Design of Wildwood, New Jersey. The tower was half ride-half observation deck, with a large, circular, slowly spinning observation deck that rose up the tower that held 30 riders. This is exactly where the Fudge Factory now sits, as the store is circular because that was originally the loading area for the tower before it was demolished in 2006.
So by this point, the hill had gone from a budget, off the main strip camping and cabin area to a strip of motels and small attractions, with a large observation tower ride it's focal point. Motel strips like this could be found all throughout North America in the 60s, in tourist hot spots like Lake George, Gatlinburg and Myrtle Beach. But a single attraction was about to usher in a wave of arcades, haunted houses and testaments to the weird that would make Clifton Hill unlike anything else on earth... And it would all be thanks to a young artist, beloved city engineer, avid horror fan and technology wizard who was about to change everything. Stay tuned for part 3!
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2020.05.09 17:05 removalbot 05-09 15:05 - 'I went to Airfest in Wildwood NJ every year. There was always this one guy there named Vince. He was a radio operator iirc on a B24 which the show had. I spoke to him a number of times as a kid (i was around 13 or 14)...' by /u/OldManPhill removed from /r/HistoryPorn within 693-703min

I went to Airfest in Wildwood NJ every year. There was always this one guy there named Vince. He was a radio operator iirc on a B24 which the show had. I spoke to him a number of times as a kid (i was around 13 or 14) and i was awestruck.
One sortie over German occupied Europe his plane was hit and went down. He managed to bail out and when he landed he smacked into the ground and knocked out all his front teeth. He hid in a ditch but was eventually found by the Germans (an officer told him "The war is over for you, American) and sent to a POW camp. When he got to the camp he discovered, through various other guys who were captured, that the rest of his crew were unable to bail out in time and went down with the plane.
It was such a privilege to be able to hear accounts like that from the guys who actually did it. If you have the opportunity to, I urge you to talk to these men. Their experiences and stories are valuable and they are, unfortunately, becoming fewer in number every year.
Context Link
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: OldManPhill
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2020.04.17 22:02 NEW_JERSEY_PATRIOT COVID-19 and NJ Beaches

The following information was taken from this article
NJ Beaches are not on the same page with closures. As warmer weather and summer slowly approach, this could be a problem going forward. With no clear timeline on easing of social distancing, I'm wondering if the Governor will continue to leave it up to the townships to decide if their beaches are open or closed.
Florida is currently dealing with this issue right now, and I'm curious to what the community thinks of our beaches as the weather will slowly get warmer while dealing with COVID-19. Below is the list of beaches open/closed from the article.
Atlantic County
Atlantic City: Mayor Marty Small Sr. strongly opposes closures to the beach and boardwalk, according to the Press of Atlantic City. Both remain open.
Brigantine: Some areas were closed Thursday, including the Cove Beach recreation area, Brigantine Sea Wall and North Beach Observation Tower.
Longport: Beaches remain open as long as long as social distancing practices continue to be followed, according to Mayor Nick Russo ** Margate City:** Beach badge sales were suspended until May 1. Information regarding closures were not immediately available.
Ventnor: Mayor Beth Holtzman closed the beaches and boardwalk with an executive order that went into effect April 3.
Cape May County
Avalon: All beaches, the boardwalk, recreational fields, playgrounds and the kayak park were closed April 6 after Mayor Martin Pagliughi issued an executive order.
Cape May: City Manager and Chief Executive Officer Jerome Inderwies announced closures for beaches and the promenade on March 31.
Cape May Point: Beaches and the Pavilion Circle were closed March 30.
North Wildwood and Wildwood: Beaches will be closed from April 8 until May 1 except to provide an outlet. Here’s more information on the exceptions. The Wildwood boardwalk is also closed, but residents can walk, jog or bike on the bike path and seawall every morning prior to 8 a.m.
Ocean City: Mayor Jay Gillian announced the city would close its beaches and boardwalk on March 25. According to data a census report, 62% of the city’s populations is 65 years or older, which gave Gillian more impetus to close. A full story is here. ** Sea Isle City:** Mayor Leonard Desiderio closed beaches and the town’s promenade on March 27. Residents who pre-ordered beach tags will have to wait until May 1 (or later) for pickup.
Stone Harbor: Closure of the beaches, parks, marina and fishing pier went into effect April 8 and will remain until May 6, the borough announced.
Upper Township: Beaches and parks were closed March 27, according to a public safety message.
Wildwood Crest: Borough administrators announced beaches, parks and the beachfront bicycle path were closed as of April 6.
Monmouth County
Allenhurst: Beach and boardwalk are open. On March 26, officials sent a letter to residents saying “we believe our residents are smart enough to use these areas as means of getting some fresh air without violating the rules relative to maintaining safe distance from one another".
Asbury Park: The boardwalk was closed March 27, but beaches remain open at four locations.
Avon-by-the-Sea: The boardwalk was closed March 31 but the beach can be accessed at East End Avenue and Washington Avenue.
Belmar: The boardwalk closed March 30, but the beach remains open for residents. There are access points at five locations.
Bradley Beach: The boardwalk closed March 30 in coordination with neighboring Belmar and Avon-by-the-Sea, Mary Gary Engelstad wrote in a letter to residents.
Long Branch: Mayor John Pallone announced the boardwalk, promenade and bike paths were closed as of April 2, but the beach remains open.
Manasquan: The beach walk and inlet walk are off limits to any type of activity, but visitors can still access the beach itself, according to Manasquan’s municipal website.
Monmouth Beach: Parks and beaches closed March 8, Mayor Sue Howard announced. The decision came in response to Gov. Phil Murphy’s Executive Order No. 118, which closed all state and county parks.
Ocean Grove: The beach and boardwalk remain open, according to the latest information released by the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association.
Sandy Hook: The National Park Service announced April 8 that the Sandy Hook unit of Gateway National Recreation Area has been closed until further notice.
Sea Bright: The beach remains open, but the seawall walkway is closed, Daniel Chernavsky, Sea Bright’s Emergency Management Coordinator, wrote in a letter to residents April 1.
Sea Girt: The boardwalk was closed March 26, but the beach remains open at certain locations.
Spring Lake: The boardwalk was closed March 24, but residents can still access the beach at two locations: Brown Avenue and Pitney Avenue, township police announced on Facebook.
Ocean County
Bay Head, Mantoloking and Point Pleasant Beach: The three towns collectively announced beach closures April 3. The boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach is also closed.
Brick: The township closed all beaches and parks in response to Murphy’s executive order, which closed state and county parks. Closures in Brick went into effect April 7.
Lavallette: The boardwalk and beaches were closed March 26 and will remain closed until Murphy lifts the State of Emergency, the borough announced.
Seaside Heights: One of the first towns to close its boardwalk and beaches, Seaside Heights banned visitors on March 24 on both the ocean and bay sides of the borough.
Seaside Park: Beaches closed April 8 and will remain closed until further notice.
Toms River: Mayor Mo Hill said Thursday that all beaches in the Toms River section of the barrier island are closed. The list includes Ortley Beach, Ocean Beach and private sections in the north end. The boardwalk in Ortley Beach also remains closed.
Long Beach Island
Barnegat Light: Beaches are open. Old Barney, the famous lighthouse sitting in a state park, is closed. Mayor Mark Larson said the beaches will be closed if problems with social distancing arise.
Beach Haven: Residents and homeowners with emergency placards can walk, jog or exercise their dogs on the beach, the borough announced.
Harvey Cedars: Beaches are open for residents and homeowners with placards, Mayor John Oldham said Thursday
Long Beach Township: Full-time residents and homeowners with a placard can access beaches, the largest municipality on the island announced March 6.
Ship Bottom: Beaches were closed April 7 for all residents and homeowners for all activities, the borough announced.
Surf City: A borough official said Thursday that beaches are open unless problems with social distancing arise.
State parks Island Beach State Park in Ocean County and other areas with waterfront access were closed as of Tuesday, April 7. You can find the full list of parks here.
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2020.02.17 23:40 bertram04 Winter camping Southwestern Ontario (Non-ONTPARKS)

Hello All,
Does anyone know of any places to camp in the winter in Southwestern Ontario. I have found The Pinery and MacGregor Point but was wondering if anyone knew of any areas that were either more remote or not through Ontario Parks. Upper Thames River Conservation has Wildwood and Pittock backcountry sites which would be ideal but they do not open until May. We are planning a trip in July for Algonquin but wanted to be able to get out in Southwest Ontario before then and preferably in March or April. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.
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2020.02.10 18:59 youraverageshyguy Yet another newbie in need of advice.

Background: Have been racing harescrables for 5 years now, tent camping in bed of truck, and have been looking at TT’s/Haulers for past year now. After reading all I can find online and talking to close friends I feel I’m more undecided than I was when I started. Want to be between $15-$20K out the door.
Tow vehicle: 2019 F150 3.5L eco boost 4x4 w/max tow
Toy Hauler: sounds nice, but not necessarily needed, as bike can fit in the bed.
Will mainly be used 1-2x a month by myself, the missus, and possibly a fur friend in the near future. No trips longer than a 2-3 days. Was told minimum 15000 btu AC is a must for the hot and humid mid summers here and Goodyear tires are a must.
Main concerns are reliability due to rough/unevenness of some roads/parking areas at the race venues. Though, the guys pulling giant 5th’s make seem like it’s nothing to worry about.
The Wildwood 171rxbl by FR was a winner in the missus eyes, but I have reservations about it’s quality.
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2020.01.31 10:49 Huw2k8 Warsim (Exploration Events, Difficulty Expanded and more, 126 Features and Fixes)


I was honestly so close to dismissing this idea and deleting it from my notes to get more important stuff done but I sat there and thought, this would be so cool and would improve the exploration feature a good bit and so I ended up spending three days working on it!
NEW ENCOUNTERS (43 Features)
Previously the game would pick some generic encounters to pop up while you explored, whether you were exploring the deep southern demon lands, the western woods, or the savage north, you'd get the same encounters. Now there are a huge number of new and mostly dynamic encounters that you may get while exploring each of these regions. Some of them are inconsequential and others are good fun!
I've also tweaked some of the old generic encounters to fit with this new update.
And now instead of getting a little blip of text saying 'You wander aimlessly' there is a dynamic screen instead!

THE REST OF THE UPDATE (63 features)

All of this was originally going to be the update until I spent the last three days working on the above system! This is still a juicy update in and of itself though, difficulty changes and several other systems being improved. Weirdly this ended up being the same number of features as the above, so it's kind of two identically sized updates.
Warsim's difficulty choice mostly affects how the game starts off rather than how it progresses as you play, I have attempted here to do a bit more of both starting disadvantages as well as long term harder gameplay in certain areas. Now independent kingdoms will grow faster in population depending on the difficulty and many other locations garrisons are bigger. Randomisation still exists for troops costs and certain units but they will be higher on average with these new changes.
This was planned for the vassal update but I couldn't get it done in time, now it's in! Once annexed this tells you what becomes of the leader of the now annexed kingdom from a range of random possibilities.
FORTS IMPROVED (15 features)
So I revisited forts recently and noticed that upgrading is pretty terrible and that there are some 'secret' features such as your chosen commanders battlescore directly influencing how many troops a fort can have and their recruitment rating so now those are less secret and installing a leader or upgrading a fort both have their own nice new screens.
LAVA PIT REWORKED (2 features)
So this place was accidentally a total secret weapon against the demons, for the low low price of 6 peasants the demons were stopped forever! Now it's fixed, but I have made it easier to automate the process of stopping the demons recruitment patterns.
AM I FUNNY? (1 feature)
Some of you may have discovered that having a custom celebration where people getting drunk is selected will cause many new throne room events, one such event includes a drunk wandering into your court and peeing on the floor, I had this event occur the other day and thought It would hilarious if, provided you had a jester, he stepped forward and said 'Urine trouble now!' - It made me laugh at least!
NEW BLACKOUTS (2 features)
Two more events you can wake up to if you get Blackout drunk in a tavern or booze stall.
BUGFIXES (15 features)
A heap of new bugfixes thanks to a few people including TheGamingDictator, VideoVillain, Xoren, and Zizhou!
EVERYTHING ELSE (8 features)
Some loose and categoryless tweaks and additions!


These images took so long to capture, cut, upload, and post here... I could have made a mini update in the same time!


In summary, this update offers a new expansion on the exploration encounters had while exploring the realm and makes them region specific. It expands on the difficulty effects in game making difficulty both increase difficulty at game start and add missing elements of permanent difficulty differences between settings.
It adds a small missing part from the annexation update which is the stories of what the leader of the annexed kingdom does post annexation. The four forts discoverable and ownable in game have been expanded on with new features making it much clearer when upgrading and installing a leader what that leader does for the fort, revealing fort leader mechanics that were previously not openly shown by the game.
Other than that there were lots of other smaller tweaks, bugfixes, additions, and changes to the game such as new blackout drunk events, improvements on the lava pit, and an improved snail racing circuit.
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2020.01.29 16:02 cassinonorth Parking Lot Where Thousands Camped Out for the President’s Rally in Wildwood

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2020.01.29 06:24 HitlerFallacyBot Hitler Hunt for 1/28/2020

I found 70 Hitlers in Politics today.

Bernie Sanders Vows to Reverse 'Every Single Thing' Trump Has Done on Immigration as He Surges to First in New Hampshire Poll
Former Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly tells Sarasota crowd ‘I believe John Bolton’
Wallace: Trump's approval of Pompeo's 'abusive' treatment of reporter shows 'total rot' in White House
John Bolton was ‘regularly appalled’ by Trump and didn’t know if he was acting in America’s interests: Report
Megathread: Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Says GOP Lacks Votes To Block Impeachment Witnesses
'The American Dream isn't a private club with a cover charge': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez trashes Trump's wealth test for immigrants
Fox's Lou Dobbs declares John Bolton, veteran of 4 GOP administrations, a 'tool for the left'
Giuliani Associate Lev Parnas Asks to Give More Evidence to Congress
Donald Trump and his demons: Why the assault on democracy will get worse - Authoritarians never joke. Donald Trump's threats of violence should warn us what's coming after impeachment
Republicans Find Themselves Between a Rock and a Hard Place – This is the road they chose when they decided to defend a president who is obviously guilty.
Trump Mueller Lawyers Discussed Removing Ivanka and Kushner From White House As They Made It 'Impossible' to Function, Book Claims
Constitutional Law Scholar: Trump’s Blanket Refusal to Comply with Subpoenas Is ‘Without Precedent or Legal Justification’
Trump Says Weed Makes You Dumb, Leaked Audio Reveals
McConnell struggles to maintain GOP unity post-Bolton
I thought Bernie's Iowa numbers seemed unrealistically high. Then I saw his rallies.
Fox Hosts Turn On ‘Tool For The Left’ John Bolton Like Never Before
Trump asks 'what the hell has happened' to Fox News after interview with Democratic senator
Nadler believes Trump 'is a dictator' trying to obstruct congress
‘Lock him up’ protestors chant outside Trump rally in Wildwood
The latest laughable Senate GOP spin further incriminates Trump
Trump, Netanyahu to unveil Middle East peace plan amid impeachment trial for one leader and criminal indicment for another
Bernie Sanders has commanding lead over Biden among Gen Z, Millennial voters, but barely registers with Baby Boomers
Discussion Thread: Senate Impeachment Trial - Day 8: Opening Arguments Continue 01/28/2020 - Live, 1pm EST
Ari Melber Brutally Sums Up Trump’s Day: ‘Total, Unmitigated Legal Disaster’
AP source: McConnell says he can’t yet block new witnesses
The Democratic Party Should Want Joe Rogan’s Vote
Sanders surges into lead in California: poll
Schumer shoots down GOP proposal to swap Bolton-for-Biden testimony trade
Welcome to Politics Iowa Caucus Prediction Contest!
Trump and Netanyahu Dictate Terms of Palestinian Surrender to Israel and Call It Peace
Daily Bulletin: Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions Are Unenforceable, Some Officials Admit
Meet the Boy Scouts of the Border Patrol
Trump unveils Middle East peace plan with two-state solution, tunnel connecting West Bank and Gaza
Sieg Heil! I mean... Beep Boop, I am a robot.
My purpose is to find and link comments in Politics that contain the word 'Hitler'
Since my birth, I have found a total of 54687 Hitlers in Politics. On average, I found 76 Hitlers per day.
Today, I read 59170 comments. In total, I have read 31493248 comments.
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2020.01.28 23:59 -en- @Reuters: Thousands of supporters camped for hours on end in advance of Trump's campaign rally in Wildwood, New Jersey

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2020.01.28 16:58 thefeedbot RECORD BREAKING CROWDS: Thousands Lining Up, Camping Out Ahead Of Tuesday’s Rally In Wildwood

RECORD BREAKING CROWDS: Thousands Lining Up, Camping Out Ahead Of Tuesday’s Rally In Wildwood submitted by thefeedbot to TheBlogFeed [link] [comments]

2020.01.28 06:43 thefeedbot @mitchellvii: RT @JackPosobiec: The Trump crowd camping out overnight in Wildwood is absolutely massive

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2020.01.28 06:29 whitemimeticry Jumpin’ ju-ju bones, an RSBN twitter video from New Jersey tonight shows thousands of Trump supporters, glorious Deplorables, lined-up and camping out overnight in Wildwood – a full day ahead of the Tuesday rally at the Wildwoods Convention Center.

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Camp Wildwood Camp Wildwood - YouTube Camp Wildwood Wildwood Overnight Camp - Summer 2020 - YouTube Camp Wildwood (Hampton SC) Camp Wildwood

Camp Wildwood

  1. Camp Wildwood
  2. Camp Wildwood - YouTube
  3. Camp Wildwood
  4. Wildwood Overnight Camp - Summer 2020 - YouTube
  5. Camp Wildwood (Hampton SC)
  6. Camp Wildwood
  7. Camp Wildwood Video - YouTube

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we announce that Mass Audubon will not be opening Wildwood Camp for the summer of 2020. We will also be resch... Whats your favourite part about camp? Don't know? Come join us for a week that you'll never forget! There are still Spots available in most Camps so don't hesitate to register! Visit www ... What to bring and not to bring to Camp Wildwood - Duration: 4 minutes, 5 seconds. 335 views; 1 year ago; 12:24. Camp Wildwood 2016 Video - Duration: 12 minutes, 24 seconds. 1,718 views; At Camp Wildwood, our boys quickly learn to find themselves. Within a safe and nurturing environment, our boys experience new adventures, embrace new challen... Through activities at day camp or our ACA-accredited overnight camps (Camp Scoutcrest and Camp Wildwood), every girl's unique qualities and individuality is showcased as she participates in group ... Since 1953, Wildwood has flourished as a family-owned and operated summer camp for boys on the secluded shores of Woods Pond in Bridgton, Maine. Our mission is to create a fun, active, educational ... I Will Not Be Scared Of The People Here Are The Facts On Bill Gates, Clinton and Dr. Fauci - Duration: 29:19. Marcus Rogers Recommended for you