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2017.04.13 13:34 improvin Luxy Official Reddit

A Millionaire Matchmaker Community. All things about the online dating app Luxy, from dating advice to goodlife sharing, reviewing profiles and more.

2020.09.22 22:16 AllSystemsGo123 [27F, TX] Trying something different because repeating the something over again is the definition of insanity, right?

Trying something different because I have a seen a lot of people say things but their actions go against their words. I am not sure if it’s a misread on my part, but if location is a thing for you its okay. I am cool with boundaries as long as you’re upfront. If you’re looking for something strictly online, let me know. Or, if you’re serious about meeting in person, tell me that too. I am happy with either, it just might not work out if time zones are pretty off. I am not looking for people already in relationships.
I don’t want to do pictures right away because personality matters to me more than anything. Good conversations can lead to good memories and that’s what I am hoping for. So, whatever insecurity that’s holding you back shouldn’t. I value you honesty and have a lot more respect for people that know what is important to them in an ideal friend or partner.
I am 27 and I am from Texas. I would like to meet someone at least 25. I enjoy anything thought-provoking while having a nice laugh. I am goofy and clumsy, which is probably because of my disability. I am a big reader although I just got back into pleasure reading, especially sci-fi and fantasy.
As far as music, I like a lot of instrumentals and lo fi as of lately. A good beat and a game session is how I relax most days.
I am very much into local events & I love visiting coffee shops. My other interest include Python and Java programming, and writing copy.
New to the whole dating thing but: I think it would be awesome to go to a bookstore with someone, split up for a while browsing the bookstore, and then having coffee to share what interesting reads we both found. Look wise, I won't describe myself as too femine or too masculine. Is there an in between? I like to keep my hair in a ponytail and I like causal wear and jeans. I am pretty short and I would say I am 165-175 pounds?
I'm a pretty chill person and definitely an introvert who is a touch on the shy side before I get to know someone. I like getting to know a person so if you're passionate about a topic, I'm interested in hearing what you have to say! I don't mind long rants or even vents about your day because I like simple things. I wouldn't describe myself as high maintenance but I make an effort to reciprocate. I make sure to express appreciation and gratitude as often as possible.
I try to stay positive and I am looking at quarantine as a new challenge. I don't know the success rate of Reddit relationship wise, but I think this post is me throwing myself out there just to meet people and see where things may lead. If you have had an online success story, feel free to share it. If things didn’t work out, why do you think it did?
Reddit may not be the best matchmaker, but friendship doesn’t hurt. I don’t mid broadening my network.
I'm down to share books, movies, tv shows, and memes. I also enjoy watching other people play and I really like watching old school games like Tony Hawk’s Proskater.
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2020.09.22 18:15 EventOutcome Blind Double Dates- Matchmaker Signups!

After the events that had recently followed, Anwen knew it was time for another Matchmaker event, it had felt inappropriate and vaguely impossible to complete such an activity without the sun and a constant tension. However, the questers were back, and Anwen hoped that the majority of the camp had readjusted back to the presence of daylight. Posters could be found around camp directing the demigods toward the notice board of the Big House, where the signup sheet was located.
The Matchmaker had decided that it’d be a fun idea to host set up blind double dates- this way, the participants would be able to spend their time with a friend and potential match, which would also hopefully but their nerves at ease.
Age: After the previous Matchmaker event, Anwen would include a note stating that those younger than the age of 13 would likely receive a platonic match
Friends: Anwen would prefer if the campers only listed their single friends that’d be likely to sign up.
(OOC) Other alts:
OOC: This is how it’s going to work. In an ideal world, your character will be paired with a match and have a friend that has also signed up (and has a match) to go on a double date with. If this doesn’t work out quite right, your character will just get a normal blind date, whether it be platonic or romantic. It’d be a lot easier for me if you could plan ahead with a specific friend of your character’s writer to ensure that the characters both have a friend, but if not then just list all the possible (single) characters your own character is friends with. Feel free to write your signup IC if you wish to, as well. If any of this doesn’t make sense or you have any questions just comment below :)
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2020.09.22 14:50 -keanne 21[F4A] Do i look desperate? Deets below

Medyo nahihiya akong sabihin ngayon na NBSB ako hahaha, I also resort to using Omegle and other ol dating apps since last year. Had a lot of ups and downs (unfortunately more on downs hahaha) on every match/conversation w men.
My friends know about my experiences and napaka supportive nila to the point na ipappa match make ako sa mga ibang friends nila na naghahanap din. Thankful ako para sakinila at sa mga ginagawa nila to make me feel better, pero parang ang off.
Alam ko medyo same yung system niya sa ibang dating apps like Bumble/Tindeetc. (pics/bio abt u) sa matchmaking pero iba pa rin eh. Parang mas lowkey yung datingan kapag sa app dahil pwede mong iconceal yung totoo mong identity kahit paano kung icompare na isspread mo sa friends hanggang sa friends niya na naghahanap ka ng kausap. Kung hindi man kayo naging okay, may chance ka pang ipag chismis sa ibang friends ng nakausap mo (assuming na totoong identity ginagamit mo, kasi ipapakilala ka nga sa friend ng friend mo diba? Making sure na legit ganun).
So ayun, I am recently being matchmake-d by my friends. Naghahanap nga ako ng kausap pero hindi ko naman pinapaalam straight on my profile. Ewan ko parang naaawa lang ako sa sarili ko. :(
What are your thoughts?
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2020.09.22 08:33 theatertrash Patch Notes 9/22 Magic Metal from Equipment Summon!!!

► Patch-notes Maintenance 22nd September 2020 Build version 1.10.5
1 - New Hero and Equipment
2 - Voice added
3 - New World
4 - New world event
5 - Max Level Increase
6 - Summon Improvement
7 - Summon pick up events
8 - Added world clear mission for new users
World 1~5 clear missions which were held during Grand Launch will be activated on the accounts which did not have previous missions ※It activates on the accounts which have been created after 2020-08-25 8:00:00 (UTC) when the previous mission ended.
※The account already proceed previous world clear missions will not activate missions ※The account is in progress on the world clear missions will not have additional missions
9 - Shop
■ A product which can be paid by Magic Metal is added to the mileage tab in Shop
10 - Guild
11 - Knowledge
12 - Guardian Pass
13 - Rift
– Resource Dungeons will be expanded. ㄴ Gold Dungeons will be expanded up to Lv. 75. ㄴ EXP Dungeons will be expanded up to Lv. 75. ㄴ Item Dungeons will be expanded up to Lv. 75.
14 - Bug Fixes and Improvements – Improved the sorting of products at the shop. ㄴ (Hero Growth) Unique Hero related items will now be sorted first. ㄴ (Mileage) Unique Hero related items will now be sorted first. – Fixed the issue where heroes would occasionally go outside the railings while charging forwards. – Fixed the issue where the increased speed buff effect which is applied when first entering a Stage would be displayed as a debuff in the UI. – Fixed the issue where facial expressions would freeze when winning in the Arena. – When clearing Awakening Dungeons, the number of entries displayed will now decrease. – When purchasing the Guardian Pass's EXP, the Pass Reward scroll will now be sorted by levels. – Fixed the issue where normal or rare heroes who use One-handed Sword weapons would have the incorrect weapon equipped by default when summoned. ㄴ Steel Sword -> Tutorial Sword (Since the Steel Sword is not an item in which you can get Knowledge for, you cannot receive the Knowledge bonus.) – Fixed the issue where connecting to a Bluetooth earphone while playing Guardian Tales would increase the volume up to 100. – Tapping on the Finish Now button while upgrading a building at the Heavenhold will now generate a popup window. – You can now see equipment information when you touch & hold down onto Enhance Materials. – Fixed the issue where the sorting Enhancement Material to Toughness/DPS after going to the party window from the Lobby would freeze the game. – Fixed the issue where the dialogue during the unlock animation for Plitvice could not be viewed from the app player due to the screen being zoomed in. – Fixed the issue where buttons would disappear when going through the following steps: World EXP window -> Limit Break screen -> World – Fixed the issue where the Heavenhold Princess Gift and the hot air balloon Soul Point would appear even when it was not time to receive them. – Fixed the issue where the text for the Battle Log damage for Guild Raids would occasionally be displayed vertically. – Fixed the issue where the Guild Raid Shadow Beast would occasionally not move. – Fixed the issue where the Event Rift's banner would be displayed in question marks. – Improved AI for Lapice (We will continue to make improvements to hero AI).
15 - Equipment Extraction Function
16 - Arena – Matchmaking Improvements ㄴ Increased the time it takes to find an opponent with similar points, therefore the chance to face an opponent with similar points was increased. ㄴ Greatly decreased the chances of facing the same opponent again within a day. – You can now obtain bonus trophy points when winning consecutively at the Arena. ㄴ 2 consecutive wins: +30 points (10 bonus points) ㄴ 3 consecutive wins: +40 points (20 bonus points) ㄴ 4 consecutive wins: +50 points (30 bonus points) ㄴ 5 or more consecutive wins: +60 points (40 bonus points) *Consecutive victory bonuses only apply up to Gold1 tier. – Tier demotion prevention ㄴPlayers below Gold 1 tier will no longer be demoted even after the season ends. – Network Improvements ㄴ Improved the overall stability of the network figures. ㄴ Your network figures will now be displayed on the screen (RTT: communication time with the server; avg: average time; max: longest communication time) *The network icons for you and your opponent may not be accurate yet. We are trying to make this more accurate.
17 - Heavenhold Tower – Heavenhold Tower was expanded up to floor 49.
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2020.09.21 23:35 fireblur 🥊 IT'S TIME... Tuesday Night Brawl #2 is coming! (💵 $100 USD competitor prize pool!)

MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR OCTOBER 20, 2020... it's going down!
Following up on the highly successful Tuesday Night Brawl #1, JordainJ and I are ready to announce Tuesday Night Brawl #2! This time, we will have a 💵 $100 USD 💵 prize pool that will be split among the winners.
Main card winners will get a larger percentage of the pool vs. preliminary card winners. Exact splits to be determined at a later date.
If you are interested in participating and getting onto the card, sign up here as soon as possible! Slots are guaranteed to fill up fast. We will be reaching out to competitors for matchmaking in the following weeks.
If you missed Tuesday Night Brawl #1, you can watch the video-on-demand here.
Hope to see you at Tuesday Night Brawl #2!
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2020.09.21 18:00 Joyffree Unsought by Daphne Moore

Unsought by Daphne Moore
Unsought by Daphne Moore
RELEASE DATE: October 15th, 2020
Arrogant Elves. Aloof Peri. Unpredictable Merfolk.
An unlikely heroine who must master her visions.
As if being middle-aged and plagued by hallucinations since early childhood wasn’t hard enough, Vivian Rivera learns she’s actually the reincarnation of someone who wasn’t human at all. Her life spirals into a terrifying flight from Goblins, and worse, when she discovers her spiritual heritage and the enemy that pursues her beyond death.
Viv was the Queen of Chaos’ most powerful seer and favorite daughter in a previous life. Now visions invade her dreams, all pressing her to reveal the location of the Keys and begin the Reckoning.
Someone is killing the few remaining seers. Can Viv risk calling attention to herself to help open the gate and allow the Queen of Night and the King of Light to walk our world?
And to top everything else off Viv’s aunt…Fate… is matchmaking!
Add to Goodreads:
Pre-Order Now:
And remember to mark your calendars for October 15th, 2020!
Hosted by u/ladyambersreviewspr
#CoverReveal #ComingSoon #PNR #Fantasy #Unsought #DaphneMoore #LadyAmbersPR #PreOrder
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2020.09.21 16:04 TheRickinger TI 10 Battlepass Feedback for Valve

Since all the battlepass features are released and the end date of the battlepass is set i thought i would give valve some feedback that is more than just brainless crying and dicksucking.
I will work my way through the battlepass announcement and please let me know if i forgot something.

Guild system:
Great feature to bring prople closer together and grind a lot of BP. We had alighter version in source 1 and the reintroduction was definetly something we needed. I just hope they stay after the battlepass ends, it would be shame to only have this feature for a few months each year.

Aghanim's Labyrinth:
Probably one of the best gamemodes valve was ever released. The skill tree was a nice addition and kept you playing even after there were no battlepoints to grind anymore. That being said i found it to be a tedious game mode to just grind the weekly levels in, but that might just be my personal opinion.
Also this gamemode was the first one available to everyone, not just battlepass owners

Double Cavern:
For the first time we had 2 caverns with the first one unlocking the second one. i really liked the idea, but after finishing the second one i wan't in the mood to grind through another cavern for even less rewards. having to chose between caverns was also discouraging. just let both caverns run parallel to each other and let us be able to complete both simultaniously

Battle Gauntlet:
TBH i completely forgot this feature existed. i tried it in the beginning and after a few games i just never touched it again. only being able to queue 1 time per day and the completely disfunctional matchmaking killed it for me and many others.

Really fun addition to recycle treasure and maybe even get an arcana. unfortunately it mainly outputs IT1 therefor making it not a good option to recycle higher IT this way.
it was a little slow to reroll and spending a lot of gold sometimes felt like a chore to some people.
it's also really luck based and people with small amounts of sideshop gold were often fucked by the randomness

Bounty Killing:
bounty killing was another nice addition to give your teammates some battlepoints. maybe give us a few more charges and reduce the bounty, cause after 2 games i was always out of bounties

Community Match Predictions:
Kinda random, but a nice feature to have. not much to say here

Immortal Treasures:
Really nice effects in all 3 chests, just the ingame items were not always the greatest.... too many chunky oversized headpieces

Both were really nice, but lacked a bit of polishing. AM could have gotten some spell icons and a more natural stance, pudge could have used some better cloth textures. but overall well made.

I think valve outdid themselves here, all 3 were super polished and definetly worth the levels

Terrain, Towers & other Effects/small Cosmetics
well done, nothing really special but all nice to have. maybe next time add some creep cosmetics again

Chatwheel sounds:
Nice selection of voice lines but the level requirements were waaaay too high. i1245lvl for voice lines is just a joke. people were spamming the 3 lowest tier ones and that's it. i never heard any of the older really good ones

Things Valve messed up:
the entire immortal recycling was a mess, removing the sideshop, reintroducing it, messing with the old system.... having both in place now is really good and fun, but the entire mess before was just unnescessary.
wagering was basicly the same. why trade the old working system for some weird streak based system, that barely outputs any lvls at all. the reroll was nescessary as well
Delays all over the place. not really an issue and to be expected with covid, but not communicating at all with the community was their own wrongdoing and thebacklash from the community was justified.

overall a good battlepass with great rewards. the added time of 4 weeks makes a lot of the rewads more grindable and the overall battlepass less greedy than the community thought in the beginning. i hope valve learns from this battlepass and doesnt try to rework or remove features that were fine(e.g. wagering, recycling). Also please hire a community manager, we need communication, especially in covid times when delays are to be expected
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2020.09.20 19:54 JokerUnique The Division 2 - Title Update 11 - Overview

The Division 2 - Title Update 11


This is an overview of what you can expect from Title Update 11. The big addition is The Summit, a new PVE game mode that allows you to conquer the 100-floor Skyscraper. Season 3 continues the main story with your fight against BTSU leader Bardon Schaeffer. New Directives, reworked Global Event Modifiers, and the new "Rainbow Loot" fix should give you additional challenges and better rewards. Generic Gear Mods, new Brands, Exotics, and the new Gear Set should also provide you new ways to build your character.


The servers will shut down for maintenance on Tuesday, September 22nd at
  • 09:30 AM CEST
  • 03:30 AM EDT
  • 12:30 AM PDT
» Worldtime
Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours.

Download sizes (size can vary depending on region/SKU):

  • XB1 ~8GB,
  • PS4 ~7GB,
  • PC ~7.7GB
» Source

Title Update 11

Release Date: September 22nd


=> Overview
  • The Summit
  • Season 3
  • Operation Iron Horse Discovery Mode
  • “Rainbow Loot” fix
  • Agnostic Mods
  • Appearance Mods
  • New Global Directives
  • Global Event Rework
  • New gear
This summary is based on the information that was released during PTS, the State of the Games, or in official articles. Concrete Talent and Gear Set information was omitted until we get the official patch notes.

New PVE Mode: The Summit

=> Trailer
Title Update 11 is introducing The Summit, a new game mode featuring a 100-story building where each floor is sure to challenge your expertise and resolve as an agent of The Division. The Summit intends to bring a new experience to the endgame, approachable to all players ranging from our most hardened agents to our newest recruits. Want to take on the challenge of clearing the Heroic difficulty segment of the building or simply run the lower floors for an effective way of farming new gear? The Summit has you covered.
=> Summary

Season 3 – Concealed Agenda

=> Bardon Schaeffer
The new season – Concealed Agenda – begins on September 22, bringing new leagues, events, rewards, and more. This time around, things are starting to get personal, with Bardon Schaeffer as the Prime Target of the season.
One of the last leaders of the elite Black Tusk units, Bardon is among the Division’s most wanted after continuously working to destabilize the SHD directly and indirectly. Schaeffer has both a military history and extensive experience with dark ops that predate his recruitment by the Black Tusk. He is extremely dangerous and a capable foe.
Hunting down Schaeffer will earn you the Shrapnel Trap skill variant, a powerful area denial and close-quarters tool of destruction.
=> Summary

Operation Iron Horse Discovery Mode

With Discovery Mode, you can try your hand at the Raid with less intensive mechanics and matchmaking, allowing you to get a feel for the challenge before jumping in.
Different Raid-exclusive rewards will not drop in Discovery Mode, but other loot will stop drop as usual.
Discovery Mode is available for both the level 30 and level 40 versions of Operation Iron Horse and will be available for all players on September 22.
=> Iron Horse

New Directives

  • Fragile Armor – (Replaces “Hard to Earn”)
    • Armor breaks apply a stack of "Broken" to the agent up to a maximum of 4. Each stack of broken reduces an agent's max armor by 20%. Using an armor kit removes one stack of Broken.
  • Scavenged Skills – (Replaces “Cool Skills”)
    • Skill cooldowns do not progress on their own. Agents must collect Skill Parts as drops from enemies and broken weak points. Each part collected reduces cooldowns.
=> Summary

Global Event Modifier Changes

They went through the Global Events (Reanimated, Guardian, and Polarity Switch) and they made some drastic changes in how they work.
In essence, they’ve taken away many of the negative aspects and kept the positive effects of those modifiers to make sure you actually want to have them active because they make you feel more powerful.
  • Guardians – The buff provided from killing a Guardian angel now grants the ability to penetrate guardian protection. In addition, the buff renews its duration with each kill, permitting agents to chain kills throughout an entire fireteam without necessarily defeating all guardians first. Additionally, defeating all guardians in a fireteam now prevents the surviving members from regaining protection for an amount of time-based on their veterancy. (Standard enemies will not be able to receive protection for a long time, named enemies can regain protection quite quickly.) Finally, melee attacks against protected enemies will briefly rob those enemies of their protection.
  • Polarity Switch – The shock for shooting opposite-polarity enemies has been removed. Values for the strength of the stacking buff have been updated to provide a significant power boost to agents.
  • Reanimated – The green cloud produced by killing enemies with a headshot no longer harms agents. This cloud now heals agents and provides a significant boost to their firepower while standing within it. The green cloud continues to significantly harm enemies.
=> Summary

TU11 - Loot Changes

Season 2 Content

  • Updated Legacy Season cache to include weapons, gear set and named items from Season 2
  • Added Season 2 blueprints to general blueprint loot pool
  • Removed Season 2 level requirements from season 2 Exotics from all sources
  • Mantis and Vile can now be acquired from general Exotic sources (e.g. targeted loot, Exotic Caches) without any conditions

Bug Fixes:

Skill Tier Stat impacts overall Item Quality
  • Skill Tier is basically a final stat that is always god-rolled.
  • Under the hood, the rolls of the item are basically done for the all stats, and then the Skill Tier Stat just overwrites whatever value was assigned to the Skill Tier Stat.
  • So when it happened that the Skill Tier stat had a very good roll, the other stats could be a lower than they should be. So that could have been one of the reasons why items with Skill Tier were underwhelming.
  • Title Update 11 will exclude Skill Tier from the rolling, and the average power will be distributed across the two remaining stats.

Rainbow Loot Rolls

  • Each Brand has a specific profile and they realized that some of the loot should be tilted more towards that specific profile
  • But they also need to take into account that some items are specifically set up to fit more towards hybrid builds.
  • So the new system should help players that build towards a specific color (red/blue) but also not making it worse for players that are specifically looking for multi-colored rolls.
Situation before TU11
=> Image
  • You have one Core Attribute that is defined by the Brand
  • The other two attributes are completely random that have no weighting.
  • You have 4 Stats per color and you can have red, blue, or yellow attributes.
Situation after TU11
=> First Attribute
=> Second Attribute
  • In Title Update 11 the developers implemented a new system that has the goal that the first random attribute on a piece of gear has a good chance to be in the same color as its core attribute.
  • Once the first attribute is set, that attribute is removed from the pool and then the second attribute will still be chosen randomly.
  • These changes only apply to new loot and will not impact the items you have in your inventory.
=> Loot System

Agnostic (Generic) Gear Mod Slots

=> Gear Mod Slot
=> Grey Mod Slot
  • After Title Update 11, the Gear Mod Slots no longer have a designated color but are just grey.
  • This is retroactive, so all existing gear that you have in the inventory will be changed with TU11
  • If you have recalibrated the Gear Mod Slot, the recal-mark will be removed and the costs are refunded.
=> Gear Mod Summary

Gear Transmogrification / Apparel Mods

=> Appearance Mod Slot
=> Appearance Collection
TU11 introduces Appearance Mods – or the ability to Transmog your equipped gear. With this, you can change the look of your gear, separate from your apparel, to look like other pieces of gear.
This means that if for example, you’ve always loved the way the True Patriot gear set looks, but it’s not quite your go-to-gameplay style, you can change your full set to match up with it. Or if you want to flaunt your favorite gear dye, swap to Walker, Harris & Co. to show off your style.
=> Summary

TU 11 – Gear

TU11 will be adding :
  • 3 new Exotics
  • 1 new Gear Set
  • 1 new Brand
  • 2 new weapons
  • 4 new named items
  • New Skill Variant Shrapnel Trap tied to the Prime Target at the end of the Manhunt
All the new gear will be available to Warlords of New York owners. While most will be obtainable through regular gameplay, many will be featured as rewards throughout Season 3. However, the Ridgeway’s Pride Exotic can only be acquired after beating all 100 floors of the Summit.


Belstone Armory Brand Set
New Brand Set: Belstone Armory A new sustain-based tank brand that focuses on keeping the agent alive in more active environments. With Armor Regen, Armor on Kill, and Incoming Repairs as the 1, 2, and 3-piece bonuses.
=> Brand Summary

New Named Gear Pieces

Both are Belstone Armory items:
Liquid Engineer
  • Perfectly Efficient (Chest Piece)
    • Using an armor kit has a 75% chance to not consume the armor kit.
Everyday Carry
  • Perfect Bloodsucker (Backpack)
    • Killing an enemy adds and refreshes a stack of +12% bonus armor for 10s.


Shrapnel Trap
=> Image
  • It is both a defensive and an area denial tool
  • You can throw it and then it creates a minefield of Shrapnel Mines.
  • If you quick-deploy it, it essentially acts like a claymore mine and deploys the Shrapnel Mines in a cone in front of you.
=> Skill Summary

Gear Set

Hunter’s Fury Gear Set
=> Image
New Gear Set: Hunter’s Fury A new set meant to empower agents who like to get up close and personal with the enemy, Hunter’s Fury is a callback and counterpoint to the Hunter’s Faith set from The Division. Instead of snipers, this set boosts SMGs and shotguns while crippling enemies close to you. Once you kill the NPCs you can regenerate armor and health
=> Gear Set Summary

Named Weapons

Kard-45 Pistol
=> Image
  • Standard and Named Version
  • The Named Version applies +1 Skill Tier when you are holding it.
SIX12 Shotgun
=> Image
  • Standard and Named Version
  • The Named Version gives you armor on kill


Backfire SMG
=> Image
  • As you are shooting the gun, it stacks Crit Hit Damage until 200% in total
  • When you reload, you apply a bleed to yourself, and that damage scales with the number of Critical Hit Damage stacks that you have.
Exotic Memento Backpack
=> Image
  • It rolls with all three Core Attributes
  • When you kill an enemy, they drop a trophy that you can collect
  • When you collect a trophy you get two buffs, the first buff has a short duration (10s), but the buffs scales with the number of cores that you have on your gear.
  • For every Trophy you get a second buff with a long duration (5 minutes)
  • Skill Efficiency is a new attribute similar to Weapon Handling – it does many things:
    • 1% Skill Efficiency is:
      • 1% Skill Damage
      • 1% Skill Haste
      • 1% Skill Repair
      • 1% Status Effects
      • 1% Skill Health

The Summit Exclusive

“Ridgeway’s Pride” Chest
=> Image
  • This is an Exotic Quest that you unlock once you have reached Floor 100 of The Summit
  • Once you have completed the quest, you can craft the Exotic
  • It applies bleed to all enemies you shoot within 10m
  • Good synergy with the new Hunter’s Fury Gear Set
=> Exotic Summary

TU 11 PVP Change

  • Reduced the global PvP damage modifier
  • Reverted previous changes to the pistol, rifle, and MMR PvP damage modifiers to pre-10.1 values
  • Small increase to shotgun PvP damage modifier to match global damage reduction and retain pre-TU11 TTK
  • Slight reduction to overall SMG PvP damage.
  • Crusader, Reflector, and Striker shields now take more damage in PvP
  • Riot Foam Chem Launcher base ensnare duration lowered in PvP
  • Firewall specialization talent Fiery Response no longer applies a 5m burn on armor break in PvP
  • Lady Death's Breathe Free weapon damage amplification effect lowered in PvP



Patch Notes

=> Link


This is a collection already created Community Resources that should help you get going.
=> Community Resources


Check out The Division 2 Roadmap here:
=> Link

Looking for Group?

As defined in the sub-rules, we don't allow LFG-Posts on the sub, but we have alternatives:


=> The Division LFG

The Division Community Discord

=> The Division Discord

The Division Official Discord

=> The Division Discord

Bug Reports

We have a dedicated bug-report forum and post for that.
=> Official Bug Report Forum
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2020.09.20 19:38 wishiwasbatmanswife Using South Asian dating sites

I need advice and maybe feedback from people who have done this. I am a 1st generation girl (born in Canada) of North Indian parents. I'm in my mid twenties and my mom has been looking for guys for me to meet. She went through extended family members but nothing really came of that. Now she signed me up for (there is no pic of me or contact info yet) and I really don't know how to feel about this.
I want to meet someone fall in love and get married but this isn't really how I pictured it. Apparently a lot of people are doing this now because no one can find a spouse without some kind of matchmaking but I don't know. Can anyone provide advice, guidence, personal stories. This is complete unknown to me and I'm kinda lost on what to do or how to feel, I'm not against it but I'm not exactly for it either.
More info: I'm not being pushed into an arranged marriage right away or anything like that it's more like you need to start dating and meeting guys so you can get married in 2-3 years. My parents are not any type of crazy/abusive/oppressive.
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2020.09.20 18:28 thinkam7 How I attract women instantly during COVID without saying a word

Because of COVID I don’t get out much. I only go to the gym or to the grocery store. But when I do go out, at least one woman will either approach me first or give me a strong I.O.I. (Indicator Of Interest) letting me know she wants me to approach her. In this post I’m going to share with you exactly how I do it.
Here’s a great example of how it usually happens: I went to Publix to buy a loaf of bread. A cute girl walked into the store a few feet in front of me. I noticed 2 things right away (1) her shorts were cute, actually, what was in her shorts was cute (2) she had a cat tattoo on the back of each leg.
When we entered the store, she went one way and I went the other. When I found the bread aisle, she just happened to be standing right in front of the 100% whole wheat bread I came to buy. Turns out she was there to buy bagels. [Serendipity: unexpected good luck (more on this in a minute)]
As I walked towards her, she looked at me, gave me a big smile, and said, “hi”. I discovered how to easily tell if a girl is smiling at me with a mask on. I look at her eyes. When she smiles she makes eye contact and gets crow's feet at the outer corner of her eyes.
So let’s sum up the situation:
- A complete stranger is giving me a big smile and a ‘hello’- She has tattoos- And I like her shorts
First, she obviously wants me to talk to her so there is no chance of getting rejected. AND I had so many approach options it’s ridiculous:
Option 1: “Good morning. I have to say, those shorts are incredibly cute on you.”Option 2: “Good morning. I have to ask, what’s the story behind those cat tattoos?”Option 3: “Good morning. I bet you have a beautiful smile under that mask.”
I decided to go with: “Good morning. I bet you have a beautiful smile under that mask. I have to ask, what’s the story behind those cat tattoos?” And during the conversation I worked in, “by the way, those shorts are incredibly cute on you.”
At the end of the conversation, I decided not to close (ask her out) because I wasn’t really that into her. Here’s the thing, if you can have all the candy you want for free, how much candy are you going to eat? I’m willing to bet your candy consumption will decrease over time.
Now before you start judging me, thinkin I’m a douche, you should know there was a time I couldn’t even BUY candy. Back in the day, I approached women all the time - and struck out every single time.
I remember one time I was out with a friend bar hoppin when I say this girl that made my jaw drop. She was a stunner, so I decided to make moves. I was drunk (1st mistake). I had no idea what to say (2nd mistake). I didn’t account for the 2 other girls she had with her (3rd mistake).
I ended up looking like a jackass. Her two friends started making fun of me right in front of my face. I tried to be cool and tough, like it didn’t affect me. But the truth is… Rejection hurts.
Fast forward… I had the good fortune of landing a job as a matchmaker in Los Angeles for a prestigious firm. I matched clients in all walks of life. From pro athletes, tv personalities, CEO’s, movie producers, authors, and radio hosts. To school teachers, business people, medical professionals, blue collar workers, you name it.
After getting a tremendous education on human psychology, what women really want, and dating, I decided to leave the firm and become a dating coach. I wanted to be good at my job so I consumed every piece of information I could find on all aspects of dating, seduction, confidence building, relationships, personal development, spirituality, and emotional balance. I was obsessed.
I personally tested every strategy. Most, about 92%, didn’t work for me. But the other 8% did. I can’t tell you the exact day it started, but women started liking me. I thought I was imagining things at first. But as the days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. It became obvious women were attracted to me. I had become a freakin chick magnet. I’m an average looking guy but my vibe had become so amazing woman couldn’t resist.
After this revelation I quit my job as a dating coach and became an attraction consultant. So I didn’t just dream up what I’m about to share with you. It’s the result of years of research, trial, and error. Mostly error.
Here’s what I did to start attracting women: I created a vibe of swag and confidence women can’t resist. As you will see, this is easy to do. It’s a 2 step process. First, I dropped my backpack. Then I started practicing Off Time.
Let me explain… we all have what I call a “backpack”. It’s the place where we store every negative, hurtful experience we have ever had in our entire life. From being bullied in elementary school to being roasted by a bunch of bitches when you’re just trying to meet your dream girl. (My bad… too personal.)
Anywayz, the stuff in your backpack is the root cause of every negative emotion you experience. Including fear, anxiety, worry, hate, anger, jealousy, and sadness. Some people have a small backpack. I had one of those super huge “I’m going into the wilderness for a month like a crazy person” backpacks.
My parents were physically and verbally abusive. It really messed me up. So my backpack was huge. There’s no excuse for abusing another person. Especially a child. But you should know my mother had me when she was 14, my dad was 17, they both came from broken homes, and suffered unimaginable abuse as children. They had no idea how to raise a child.
So even if you have a GIGANTIC backpack, you can still let go off all that hurt and be free. Here’s how:
1) Think of an annoying person, a situation you’d like to change, or a hurtful past experience.(Start with something minor – not the worst thing in your life – you’ll work up to that.)
2) Point or tilt your head down slightly toward your stomach or chest.(This disengages your mind and activates the feeling center, which is the erase mode.)
3) Notice an unwanted energy in your stomach or chest area. It could be a knot or clutching feeling in that area. Take some time to notice it.
This energy in your stomach or chest area wants to leave. The energy is not good or bad. It just wants to be released, to be free.
4) Put an imaginary tube into the energy, uncap it, and allow the energy to come shooting out.(To drill for oil, first you must find the oil. Then sink a rig or pipe into the oil pocket. Then the pipe is uncapped, and the oil comes shooting out. Do the same with this energy inside you.)
5) Think of the person, situation, or experience. Has the unwanted energy diminished?
6) Repeat as needed until the energy is completely released.
In Summary
  1. Think about a person, situation, or event that generates a negative feeling
  2. Tilt your head down
  3. Find the energy in your stomach or chest area
  4. Put an imaginary tube into the energy
  5. Uncap the tube
  6. Allow the energy to come shooting out
Complete these steps to release the energy behind every negative emotion you experience (fear, anxiety, worry, hate, anger, jealousy, sadness, etc).
If you would like to learn more about this release technique, check out this book:‘The Abundance Book’ by Lawrence Crane
Now that you know how to drop your backpack (release negative emotions), let’s talk about off time.
Off Time is the practice of brining one’s awareness to the present moment. Being mindful - A form of mediation. To get a strong body you must exercise. The opposite is true of the mind. To get a strong mind, keep it peaceful and still.
It would be generous to say 10% of our thoughts are valuable. It’s more like 1% or less – the other 99% is nonsense. Decrease the importance of thinking. Increase the value in silence.
Here’s how it’s done:
  1. Sit comfortably. No rules, sit however you like. You don’t have to sit like a pretzel. Position your body any way that makes you comfortable.
  2. Bring your awareness to an anchor – like your breath or the sounds around you.
  3. And just be there. Be completely present. You’re not remembering anything from the past. You’re not planning anything for the future. You’re not thinking at all.
You’re paying attention to every moment of your breathing. Or you’re listening to the sounds around you as they come and go. You’re just being in the moment.
When thoughts come up - don’t fight them - just let them pass. Let the thought come. Then let it fall away, and go back to being mindful. By the way, you can’t mess this up. There's no such thing as bad "Off Time".
I'm not exaggerating when I say Off Time is the best possible use of time. The EOC Institute has identified 141 benefits to mindfulness. Serendipity or synchronicity is one them. Google search ‘The EOC Institute 141’ and click the first result to see for yourself.
I should send them an email so they can add “Pick Up Chicks” as benefit #142. (Leave it to me to take such a beautiful, authentic practice and turn it into a way to attract women.)
If you actually drop your backpack and practice off time regularly, soon you’ll experience an abundance of love, an abundance of joy, or an abundance of peace.
Here’s my secret: I attract women because I literally radiate love, peace, or joy all the time.
When I feel an abundance of love, I literally feel like I can lay hands on someone and heal them like Jesus.
An abundance of Joy or bliss is the best state for working out. It’s better than any pre-workout drink. I have incredible workouts. You can do more cardio, lift more weight, and burn more calories with ease. And everyone at the gym wants to be your friend because they can feel you emanating joy.
Love is great, bliss is awesome, but an abundance of peace is my favorite. Imagine your mind, body, and soul completely at peace… It’s glorious.
I like to work in this state because I’m completely focused and my consultations just flow. It allows me to be in the zone.
If you have never felt an abundance of peace, you owe it to yourself to reach this state. To have the ability to achieve your desired state at will is priceless.
My default states are love and happiness. I feel love and happiness all the time. Image waking up every day feeling love, happiness, or peace the second you open your eyes. How do you typically feel when you wake up first thing in the morning?
By the way, experiencing these states for long periods of time will never burn you out. When they come from within - It’s like they’re nuclear powered. You’ll never be left feeling run down or exhausted.
I think that’s enough to get you started. I do have more advance techniques for attracting women. But this post is already a mile long so I’ll share them with you in a future post.
Thanks for reading, God bless you, See you soon.
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2020.09.20 14:01 throwaway437282 My black side of my family is pressuring me to marry someone from my tribe?

Hi guys,
I’m am technically mixed, half black and half brown
The black side of my family experienced a genocide by more mixed and lighter skinned Africans. Which is why I feel guilty if I end up in an interracial relationship?
I feel that it’s really likely that I will end up in an interracial or at least intercultural relationship because I live and grew up in the west where the majority of the country is white?
I have a lot of white friends but that’s because they have been very good friends to me and I don’t choose my friends based on colour but on how they treat me. I have very good black friends too. But also want to connect to the black community more.
Problem is, even if I date a black girl, I will still be hated by my family for not preserving their tribe?
If I marry a Ghanaian, they will still see me as not preserving my black parent’s ethnic lineage?
My tribe is a a super minority as I’ve almost never met someone from my tribe at college. So either my black parent would help me matchmake with someone trok my tribe if they live in the west
Or I would have to travel to my black parent’s country of origin to have an arranged marriage; and it’s tough for me because how can I marry someone I barely know and out of pressure rather than genuine interest?
Sometimes I feel a lot of pressure to only have black friends and “choose” my friend group? But how can I just discard my very good friends because of this? They have been some of the most caring friends I have had.
I want to just be my own person and interact with whoever I want, whether black or white
But I get the feeling that some black peoples, especially pro black people, say that if you don’t live purely black, as in black friends, wife, kids etc. That you will lose your “blackness”?
It’s just confusing to me because I live in a predominantly white country so I feel that even if I go for the arranged marriage to a woman from my tribe; my children might then marry out anyways? Or one of my descendants would marry out of the tribe anyways?
Do any other fellow black people struggle from the same issue too?
As I have no problem dating black women, but then I still feel that pressure of not being allowed to date whoever I want because of my family wanting me to marry within my tribe?
And then other black people making me feel like I will lose my “blackness” if I have a lot of white friends?
I face a huge amount of pressure from my family to preserve my tribe because of the genocide they experienced my having an arranged marriage. But how can I reconcile this when I have grown up in the west in majority white countries and barely meet people from my tribe and am around people from other ethnicities mostly?
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2020.09.20 10:44 yogaislife1 Can’t use my imagination for shit. Aphantasia maybe? But I’m also definitely addicted

I’ve always been shocked at how people can create scenarios in their head. When I try maybe I can for 1 second but then I just lose focus. I am also a virgin at 21 so I don’t have any real experiences to relate to. I’m also in college so I’m pretty ashamed of being a virgin tbh, I’m in my final year. Part of it might just have been me not hanging out with the right crowd for me and me thinking I’m ugly/fat (when I’m actually an athletic guy, strong and even good at cardio lol).
But I need to recover from PMO addiction. And I am taking it seriously now, in the past I got up to 40 but just kinda gave up as I probably wouldn’t meet anyone anyway. My brain used to say “I’ll just stop when I’ve met someone”
This is gonna sound bad but I’m probably just going to try the “Matchmaking club” at my uni so I can get a date... Especially as there are less parties due to covid (no one wants to risk a 10k fine)
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2020.09.20 10:36 MambaMentaIity September matchmaking has begun!

Previous post:
Sorry for the slight delay! I've been at the hospital a lot recently and have been handling issues pertaining to that, so my productivity has been down. But we're starting the matchmaking process now!
This time, there are more complicated factors to consider (e.g. not matching you with previous matches, a more complicated distance question, etc), so matches may take longer to roll out. But we'll get them out as fast as possible!
And a huge thank you to everyone who volunteered to help with this endeavor!
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2020.09.20 05:04 velvetlipstick How do you learn to dissect dates so you can learn from them?

Hi there! Throwaway because he mentioned today he goes on Reddit so just being extra cautious and to preserve privacy for the both of us.
I 27F went on a first date today with 33M arranged via a matchmaker. I’m not sure if he saw a photo of me, but he just seemed disappointed when he met me? Our matchmaker is on the higher end and after seeing how rigorously she vetted me, I opted out of seeing photos of him. I am in the pursuit of a serious relationship, so appearance is just the cherry on top. I’m only looking for a deep, spiritual connection. Our matchmaker does match us on appearance. She told me she chose him for me because he’s really kind, open hearted, and we both check a lot of each other’s boxes.
We get to talking and I get why our matchmaker paired us. In terms of common interests and shared hobbies, we were perfectly matched! We even shared the same quirky disinterest: a mutual respect but profound lack of interest in Wes Anderson films. While I didn’t say I felt a spark, I went into it with an open heart and understood this was our first time meeting each other. However, I would have liked to have explored if there was a connection. Generic, run of the mill first date questions. Nothing special, but I didn’t expect magic either.
However, at the end, he seemed eager to leave which made me completely confused. It had a strange, awkward stop and he was eager to leave. We had an awkward, hurried hug goodbye and he just darted off in the blink of an eye. The end of our interaction left me feeling like he must have suffered so much during our 2 hour date and I immediately felt so mortified. I wish I knew what I did so I could learn for a date with someone new!
His reaction was so sudden and hasty that any curiosity or interest I might have had just instantly deflated. I don’t get what happened. I’m told I’m attractive a lot (and frequently on social media + video). I do think maybe I over shared a little about having to change certain aspects of myself (talked about major weight loss, alluded to getting slight cosmetic work - which my matchmaker knew about and I asked her to make him aware). But nothing that I thought would send him running to his car the way he did!
How do you look at situations at this with a discerning eye? I want know what I did that caused such a reaction and if I can fix it for my next date. I’m pretty serious about getting into a relationship and I just don’t want to screw this up anymore. Any help is appreciated, thank you :(
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2020.09.20 04:54 _-__-__-__-__-_-_-__ Some thoughts on Eastern vs Western dating philosophies

I was talking to my sister recently about why our parents look at dating so differently than we do, and she had an interesting insight. They prioritize compatibility first. And their idea of compatibility is based on things like shared ethnicity/culture and whether they know someone who knows us. It's a very traditional mindset, but it explains why arranged marriage and matchmakers and family connections are so important to traditional Asians.
For my sister and me, our mindset prioritizes meeting people first and then getting to know them.
Our parents believe in getting to know people before meeting them. It's why to them, waiting until later in life to start the marriage process (not even dating in the modern Western sense) once you're established in your career and have a stable life makes sense. But for our generation who grew up in the West, it feels weird to be older and never to have dated before. It feels like you're missing out on experiences your peers have had, and you feel like you're way behind.
So that's why our parents think it's ok and even encouraged to have family and friends play matchmaker with people of similar age and ethnicity who might live hundreds of miles away and suggest you talk to them from a distance before even thinking about meeting in person.
Whereas the Western dating scene (which I believe in) is about making connections with people in your area and going on dates in person.
There is a middle ground, however, and that's online dating. You can online date people and find people who are hundreds of miles away without ever meeting in person. I've had a few Chinese American women contact me this way. But I just didn't feel like our mindsets and goals aligned. I was looking for someone to go out on dates with in person. I wasn't looking for a pen pal.
So the more I've been studying the Eastern and Western styles of dating, the more insights I've gained. And I've thought a lot about my identity as an Asian American. I'll continue to work on figuring myself out.
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2020.09.20 04:53 makrelli Speed dating?

So I have done some research and found a dating coach company that arranges speed dating. Its about 50 bucks. They also do that finding a date thing for several 100s and long interviews. I have never been on a date so the speed dating thing sounds like a good idea. It also said that they dont accept ppl they dont think they can find a match for in that serious matchmaking program so in reality speed dating would be my only option. I will wait till the virus situation is a bit under control before I try.
Obviously I am seen as very unattractive but worst case scenario I wasted an evening and 80 bucks or so. Since they cant throw me out I will atleast get to talk to some girls. Well if they say anything. Probably one or two of the guys will be seen as attractive and the rest of us as trash lol
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2020.09.19 09:24 ogjapindii You guys should check out the podcast by Srinivas Rao the Unmistakable Creative

Hey you guys should seriously check out the podcast by Srinivas Rao called the Unmistakable Creative. Srinivas was the guy who went on a date with Aparna on Indian Matchmaking. He is an ABCD (Born in India but grew up in the States) like us but much older. He talks about self-motivation and personal development with all kinds of artists and business people. Even if you guys are studying medicine or engineering, I recommend you guys actually go and check the podcast out.
Here is the link:
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2020.09.18 18:09 scorpion997 Alternative to online dating

So online dating doesn’t work for me at all. Not sure if it’s because I’m brown and I have heard brown guys have a hard time with online dating. And I have tried all the apps and they all sucked and never worked for me. From bumble, to POF and Dill Mill. Anyways I am looking at alternative options to dating so I am considering matchmakers or speed dating. Do they have better success for people? Also, I was told that asking our girls at a coffee shop by other girls is a not a good idea now days. I want to ask to ladies, do you find it weird if a guy asked you out in public places. But not like randomly but after having a convo? I know everything is online but I still can’t do online dating.
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2020.09.18 09:32 briarrosepatch How to Improve the Matchmaking System

I finally got a chance to play through the entire matchmaking system! It was so much fun, I especially like the dating sim mechanics. However, there are still a few improvements it could use. First, I’d like to shout out u/onorub for suggesting that each rival has their own match making spot. It’s a good post!
  1. Customizing the suitor. I think that the menu for customizing the suiter isn’t very fun. I would replace it with a dress up minigame, or something like the senpai creation screen with less options.
  2. Ayano’s Presence. This is my biggest pet peeve. I think Ayano is a bit too obvious in the match making process! It would be obvious to Osana that she’s being matched up, since Ayano tells her to meet at the same spot every day and then runs to the fountain with her. If I were Osana, that would put me off because I’d assume I’m being pranked. Here are two ways to fix it.
  3. Instead if telling each person to go to the meeting place, maybe you could write a note on behalf of the suitor the same way you would in the befriend/betray route. Then you simply inform the suitor that you’ve given them the note, and what time to meet.
  4. I notice the fountain is right next to the hedge garden. If Yandev removes a small chunk of hedge, then ta-da!! You can get behind the tree without Osana seeing you. It bothers me that the hedges only have one use anyway.
  5. Osana’s events. I think that if Osana is falling in love with someone else, she’d want to spend more time with them. Maybe she ditches senpai in the mornings to go talk to her suitor? Yandev could reuse the dialog from when Osana misses her movie date, and just have the two of them talking like Raiberu and Osana talk. This also makes their romance more realistic, since nobody falls in love just speaking to someone 5 times!
I think it’s important to add these, because the match making system is one of the hardest in the game! So it should be equally rewarding to do.
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2020.09.18 01:25 TheNOOBIFIER1337 Do We Wait 10 more years?
TLDR This is a video script and its title will perhaps initially seem negative, but my goal isn't to troll or meme CIG, or the development process.
There is already an overabundance of that and I'm sure if you are a regular here, you will know that's not my style.
The goal today is to follow up with what Chris said in a reply in Spectrum, and explore what that might mean to the project.
There was a new thread started at 6am today with Chris looking for questions.
I have that linked for you and it’s a great idea that might address a bad trend.
I will also look at the current achievements against the features promised. This might give a better indication of how much longer we might be in development. I’ll say it now before you say it in chat, I think we are all aware that Star Citizen is proposing the concept of a soft launch and the idea of a minimum viable release.
We can start our investigation with what Chris Said is spectrum. Chris posted that he will finish what he promised over the years and that we will not be waiting 10 or 20 more years. I believe we all believe he will exhaust all avenues to achieve what was pitched plus the creep. “I can promise you the gameplay I described is not a pipe dream, nor will it take 10 to 20 years to deliver. He said it wouldn’t take another 10 or 20 years like the critics, jokers and haters say in social media.
This is where I am conflicted. We know Chris plans to deliver but Chris also has a track record of underestimating the work and scale when estimating timelines. It’s like when I budget for a construction project, take the number and double it.. Along with his statement about development timelines, Chris also proclaimed that even what was currently in the PU would be considered as more ambitious than anything currently on the market.
“Star Citizen already has the main gameloops of a space sim; cargo hauling, commodity trading, mercenary, pirate, bounty hunting and mining. Just spending time refining and finishing out these would make Star Citizen with all it's detail and fidelity more engrossing than any "finished" space sim you can play today.”
I believe if patch 3.11 were polished to a release state, what we would have would be a good proof of concept that grossly falls short of its potential. We are here at this stage now because as more money poured in, the scope and scale expanded. It’s a relic we inherited from the way the game was funded combined with Chris’s desire to blow people's minds. He won't back down from a challenge, He has a complete vision for star citizen and over the past 8 years we have had many opportunities to get an idea of how interwoven the vision is.
I hope the new roadmap will make mention of everything Chris plans to include with the PU. Adding all known and unknowns to the list will better define what the company sees as minimum viable. We as a community are sensitive to creep. Caves were both exciting but met with confusion, because it was just sort of announced out of the blue. Prison was announced in the same way. It's clear that these features were previously planned long ago, but from our position, it seemed like effort spent on poofing stuff bigger instead of locking down. If the roadmap were to include all of these features, at least we would have a defined END STATE and a target which I believe would help with transparency. I will end by presenting a list of features currently in the PU and another list of features expected to be added to the PU.
I have tried to be complete but I fully expect you to post others that I may have missed, from you my valuable community members. This is just an exercise to get some sort of estimate and I would love you to comment your comments in the comments. We are waiting for SQ42 and have had minimal news on progress since March of this year. It was due to be in BETA now and releasing shortly, I believe it's unlikely however there is hope. We know once that project is done, a broad deliberate focus will swing towards completing the PU. As much as I want to see SQ42, what really excites me will be to see what progress CIG can accomplish when all hands are on deck and focus is on the PU.
The current PU offers, in no particular order.
Stanton, a single large system populated by planets, moons, stations and points of interest.
We have a space flight model that has had a very rocky development, but I am an optimist at heart so I hope it continues to show promise.
We have an growing atmospheric flight model whose desired feature list and proposed scope could be its own video.
That atmospheric flight model is tied directly to the rooms system, which is tied to the player actor status system, which is tied to hunger, thrust, injury… the whole deal is one big link of connected features.
99% of the ships have guns, and weapon balance is in an ever evolving state.
Missiles currently make no sense but we are assured, work is being done. .
We have the most basic framework of AI function.
There is no indication that they currently incorporate subsumption.
Mining is actually very well fleshed out as a game mechanic at numerous levels plus refining gameplay is coming soon.
Mining by hand, by buggy and by ship, on the surface, below the surface and in orbit.
Scanning works but it is still seen as rudimentary compared to the proposed exploration and science gameplay.
The Growing list of missions is getting better but game breaking bugs are common.
The UI and Ship HUD are improving with hologram input panels and building block tech.
Matchmaking is lightyears from two years ago but we face a huge unknown in the form of the future of server meshing and population caps.
Cargo Running is about to get a boost with 3.11 and the cargo decks but it’s still simplistic compared to the desired end start.
We have had no loading screens since 2.0, We have a seamless transition from physics grids since 2.0, We have seamless scalar planetary bodies who look great from a distance all the way to millimetric scrutiny since 3.0. We have a basic law system and our expanding prison game loop. All of this as Chris pointed out is Quite a substantial base and frame to build on, but we are at year 8 years since kickstarting,
We are still lacking, meshed servers which is critical for the First M in MMO
Meshed servers were mentioned as the feature holding up many others.
We lack Subsumption, We lack the Quanta driven Dynamic Economy, e lack Crafting and tuning
We lack all of the other features Quanta will bring such as inter faction gameplay, proportional security, and others. We lack Ship Modularity, We lack Ship Docking, We lack Land Mechanics
We lack Base building, We lack Maintenance gameplay, to include wear, repair, and upgrades. We lack procedural damage that will impact our internal components. We lack internal components, Fuel Collection and Distribution isn't implemented. There is no Salvage loop, no crafting, no farming, no VIP gameplay, no passenger transport, no science play, no hospital play, and no data running, Exploration is just sightseeing and is basic, The idea of player to player trade is basic. We lack Jump points to a second system and I’m sure there are a couple I missed.
So now you say.
Noobifier, what was the point of spelling all that out and why are we still reading. Despite having many foundational systems mostly in place, there is a huge delta between what we need and what we have. I understand that we are waiting for some core back end to be done before the major loops are added. This year has already set funding records so money won’t be the problem. Transparency and passage of information has been declining resulting in the most volatile outpouring of citizens wanting answers. I’m sure none of us expect SQ42 this year, but it would be lovely for CIG to break the silence on where we are. It's been a month since we were promised a roadmap to a road map, and its been since MARCH since we had an update on the project. Do we need the info in a roadmap form? No, I don't even need graphics or charts. A simple stand and deliver update like was done in the past sooner than later would help. A Pillar talk or even simply a new target date would be lovely to have. The project was built on transparency which has become more opaque and hard to come by. You can argue that i'm trying to sensationalize the actual pulse of the community, but as a content developer I do track my comments, spectrum and reddit for indicators. It was all in my head, Chris wouldn't have had anything to reply to last week.
I feel the takeaway is, the community supports the project and believes. I would love the new roadmap to include absolutely everything that is being planned to be added for release and the future. This way, we can follow along with a better understanding of what is coming and how it all fits together in the master plan. We come to the end and it's your time to post in the comments. If you were to look at the list of what we have against what we know still needs to be done, what is the percentage you feel is done.
I think we are 25% done with another 8 years to go.
Comment in the Comments.
Thank you very much for spending your time with me. I hope you got something out of the discussion and it would be nice if CIG continues to make an effort through this more proactive trend in spectrum. Fly safe and I'll see you in the verse.
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2020.09.17 13:08 wegwerfworf How can I (28/m) learn to love again?

I know a terribly cheesy title but this question is so important to me that I can't carry it around with me anymore. It's been over 2 years since I had a very difficult relationship experience and since then I'm just not the same anymore.
It was complicated but the short version goes like this: A long-time platonic girlfriend I was very close to anyway suddenly makes advances to me, and successfully so. I've never been so deeply in love. But after the first kiss she tells me she has no feelings. Nevertheless she continues. Shortly after the second kiss she suddenly tells me that she had feelings, but they disappeared from one day to the next. Although I distance myself from her, the third kiss happens. Now she tells me she never had any feelings for me, she just used and lied to me (her words). I end the friendship but she only cries for days. Suddenly she confesses her feelings to me again and that she wants to have a relationship with me. The problem was her ex-boyfriend who is still fighting for her and she couldn't decide between us, but if I give her some time she would be able to decide for me. A few days later she got back together with her ex. Again tells me that she never felt anything for me and says that even if her ex never existed, I never had a chance with her.
The whole thing may sound very trivial and infantile but the whole drama unfolded over many months, many tears were shed on both sides and to my shame I have to admit that at that time we both weren't teenagers anymore but students in our mid 20's. That was over 2 years ago and I am still not over it. Meanwhile I am worried that I will not be able to build relationships with other women.
I do not know what is more severe. On the one hand I still think about her. I automatically compare every woman I meet with her. I know that she is not as great as the image I have of her inside of my head and also that she is just not worth it,considering the way she behaved, but it is just no use.
On the other hand, I also have panic about being hurt like that again. It was a barrage of hope and rejection. Whenever I was just about to recover from a rejection she gave me hope again, only to follow with an even stronger rejection. I noticed how it triggered a strong reaction in me when a woman showed interest in me. I think it is fear. But I also fear that I will have to reject her in the future and will cause the same pain that i experienced. I also have the feeling that I can no longer trust my judgment. When is interest real, when is it just an act and when is it just imaginary?
I have tried to meet new women and even installed Tinder. There is no lack of matches, some even write first but I could not bring myself to answer them. Since then I have cancelled 2 dates and resisted against matchmaking attempts. I justify this in front of me, because I can't expect a woman to be with me while I'm still stuck on a 2 year old story. That' s true somehow, but I don't know how long this can keep on going.
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2020.09.17 10:36 agreewoment So, you're new to Hunt: Showdown

I've collected what I consider the best resources to learn Hunt from together in one place, hoping it will save new (or struggling) players some time.
Must have links
Official Discord
Support Link (for reporting cheaters etc)
Official YouTube channel
Crytek Twitch channel
Patch Notes (steam)
Test Server Patch Notes (steam)
Useful tools
Damage Graph (from Discord)
Damage Multipliers (from Discord)
A complete beginner?
A Complete Beginner's Guide To Hunt: Showdown
Hunt Showdown Beginners Guide The Basics
Played a few games, but need some tips?
100 tips and tricks to help you get better at Hunt Showdown [Hunt Educational Gameplay #12]
50 Tips & Tricks to become better at Hunt [Hunt Guides #19]
Hunt Showdown: 15 Tips Beginners NEED to Know! (Updated for 1.0)
Not sure what loadout to take?
💰 MY TOP 5 BUDGET LOADOUTS 💰 (so far - for beginners and veterans) [Hunt Guide #14]
Hunt Showdown: The Most Cost Efficient Loadout Guide and Tactics
Want to improve your game?
Hunt Showdown: 8 Habits of Great Players
Predicting Player Movement (Hunt: Showdown)
Hunt Showdown: 3 Tips on how to kill Duos (as a Solo)
Hunt Showdown: 5 tips to get started and become a better hunter
Quickplay Guides
QuickPlay Guide! Hunt Showdown
Hunt Showdown: The Quickplay Guide
Hunt's New Skill-Based Matchmaking System Explained
Improving Hunt - What must be done? Matchmaking, Loadouts and Reconnection
Edit: added damage graph and support link
Edit 2: added roadmap to links, damage multipliers
Edit 3: added Quickplay guides
Edit 4: Added Matchmaking section
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How to Become a Matchmaker (with Pictures) - wikiHow

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  3. MatchMaker Dating Service
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