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WE are perpetuating the stigma

2019.04.08 00:19 spiralfirefly WE are perpetuating the stigma

The Stigma is in the language used and WE are perpetuating it! All this talk about genital versus oral, it's ridiculous! I get the type 1 and type 2 info cause that describes 2 different viruses, but this genital versus oral crap is dumb. We are perpetuating the stigma by naming the body part affected! People are going thru agonizing disclosures to let a partner know they have genital herpes, where another person is saying over their shoulder "heads up, I used to get cold sores as a kid so watch out if you're thinking of kissing on me" with a giggle and off they go on their date.
Folks! Listen up! One is not more contagious, or worse then the other? We are sitting here trying to figure out for someone who never had a symptom where on their body they ARENT getting symptoms in order to decide how horrible and stigmatized that person is! WTF! 80% of the population has it!
Here it is, we, everyone here, gets cold sores. Some on their lip, some on their eye, some on their hand, some on their ass. That's all that ever needs to be known.
Here's my disclosure, "I get cold sores, if you go smootching up on me you could catch em, consider yourself warned." Then I get back to living my life.
The Stigma is caused by the way WE are acting about this. So STOP IT!
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